How to Delete Messages on Onlyfans

Have you ever sent messages so wacky and wild that you longed for a time machine to undo your typing crimes? We bet you have! We’ve all let out free-flowing minds run way too carelessly, and that is never a good decision. There’s one thing these careless messages have in common: they are cringe! That’s why having the option to recall or delete messages online is an absolute game-changer.

delete messages on onlyfans

This handy feature gives you peace of mind and the opportunity to fix those situations and make our interactions online easier. We will discuss OnlyFans in this context today!

Does the subscription-based platform allow you to delete the messages? If so, how?

We’ll teach you how to delete messages on OnlyFans in this blog. Please check out the sections below.

How to Delete Messages on Onlyfans?

If your OnlyFans inbox is overflowing with messages, it is time for a digital cleanup, don’t you agree? Whether you use OnlyFans as a creator or subscriber, you occasionally need to clean the message clutter.

A lot of us here have already made up our minds to delete those outdated messages. Thus, you’re not alone!

You can unsend or delete messages on the platform using our easy methods. If you are ready, then please review the sections below.

Method 1: Delete the message on OnlyFans as a subscriber

Oh, we’ve all sent some drunken texts that we wish we could take back! Trust us, using the unsend button can save you multiple times. When it comes to those humiliating messages, being an OnlyFans subscriber and having a chance to delete messages can be a lifesaver.

Are you feeling lost and unsure about what steps to take? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Our step guide is here to assist you in navigating any confusion and get you on the right track.

Steps to delete messages on OnlyFans as a subscriber:

Step 1: Open OnlyFans and tap on the message icon. It must be present at the bottom navigation bar.

Step 2: Open the chat with the specific OnlyFans user.

Step 3: View your recent message and click on the three-dot icon.

Step 4: An options menu will appear. You have options like Copy, Reply, Pin, and Unsend (timer). Please click on Unsend from the list.

Step 5: Upon doing so, you will receive a pop-up message.

The full message states: Are you sure you want to unsend this message?

Please click on Yes, unsend to automatically delete the message from the chatbox.

Now, you must remember that the reason OnlyFans won’t let you delete or unsend a message from the chatbox is that the timer has run out.

If so, there’s no other way to delete the messages.

Method 2: Delete your OnlyFans messages as a creator

Did you know that as a creator, you can delete messages for subscribers who haven’t yet paid to access them? That’s right – with this handy feature, you can easily remove these messages.

Content creators can access a special menu to unsend or recall their messages at any time, unlike subscribers who have time constraints. Let’s see how it’s done below.

Steps to unsend messages on OnlyFans as a content creator:

Step 1: You must open your OnlyFans account and go over the Message Statistic page.

Step 2: Scroll to the target message and hit the unsend button.

That’s it; upon doing so, your messages will disappear. Therefore, they are inaccessible to any subscriber who hasn’t made the payments.

How to recover deleted messages on OnlyFans?

Did you accidentally erase an important message on the platform? You may want to retrieve those deleted texts for a number of reasons. Whatever the cause, occasionally, being able to recover deleted texts can be a convenient feature.

Sadly, once communications are deleted from this platform, they are permanently lost. We know it is unfortunate, but it’s crucial to confirm that you’re deleting the correct messages before pressing the delete button, isn’t it?

Take a picture or screenshot of the messages before deleting them to ensure that they are kept somewhere secure in your device. We have mentioned the steps to contact OnlyFans support; try your luck there. Who knows if they can support you in successfully recovering the messages?

In the end

And that’s a wrap, folks! We’ve covered everything you need to know about deleting messages on OnlyFans. We have discussed methods for subscribers and content creators on the platform to unsend messages. We hope the steps mentioned in the blog will assist you when needed.

You can share your opinions in the comments section below; we always enjoy reading them. You may forward the blog to people who might need the answers. Also, keep checking our website for other fascinating tech-related tips and tricks.

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