Can Someone See That I Viewed Their Video on Instagram If I Don’t Follow Them?

When Instagram launched videos in 2013, it was a major shift in the platform’s core functionality. With the emergence of videos, Instagram was no longer just a photo-sharing app. Videos have changed the way we interact with others on Instagram. Besides being much more interactive and engaging than photos, videos redefine how we perceive people we know and want to know.

can someone see that i viewed their video on instagram if i don't follow them

An Instagram video can tell you what your favorite celebrity or influencer wants to share today. A video can show glimpses of a relative’s party you couldn’t attend last weekend. Videos can show you the fun things your friend did on their last trip. Videos can tell you what your partner, ex-partner, or crush is up to today. The list goes on.

Wait. Did we just say “ex-partner or crush?” If you have lately been watching videos posted by your ex or crush or thinking of watching them, an obvious thought must have occurred to you more than once. If you view their videos on Instagram, will they know that?

Well, this is what we prepared this blog for! In this blog, we will answer your question by telling you if and when someone can see that you viewed their video on Instagram. Let’s start with the original question.

Can Someone See That I Viewed Their Video on Instagram If I Don’t Follow Them?

If you have been using Instagram for some time, you must be aware that videos on Instagram can take many forms. You can upload videos as posts or reels. Or you can also add videos to your story. Videos can also be sent as DMs to individual or group chats.

Instagram has a separate set of rules for each kind of content. So, whether someone can see that you viewed their Instagram video depends on which video you watch. Let’s look at each case below:


Posts are the oldest and most fundamental ways of sharing photos and videos on Instagram. They are also one of the ways to reach as many people as possible.

If you see a video someone uploaded as a post, you don’t need to be concerned about your visibility. Instagram doesn’t show who viewed a video if the video is uploaded as a post.

If you view someone’s video post on Instagram, they won’t be notified about it at all. It doesn’t matter whether you follow them or not. They can only see the number of times the video has been played.

However, if you like or comment on the video post, the uploader can see the complete list of people who liked and commented. So, make sure to avoid the like and comment buttons if you want to remain invisible.

The absence of a viewers list makes sense because many posts tend to reach thousands or millions of users. Showing those million users is hardly useful.


Reels on Instagram are another way to reach a larger audience. They became popular after the success of TikTok. Unlike posts, though, reels are exclusively for short-form video content.

Reels on Instagram are somewhat similar to posts in multiple ways and therefore have several common rules to share. Just like posts, reels also don’t have any viewers list. The owner can see who liked and commented on the reel but not who viewed it. Only the number of plays remains visible.

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