Can I Recover Facebook Messenger Messages from Someone I Have Been Blocked?

Messenger is a platform where friendships deepen in individual chats, and stories unfold in group chats. However, where friendships blossom, there exists a contrasting reality. There are instances when friendships become sour, resulting in arguments and blocking. When someone blocks you, you quickly consider the consequences. One question comes to mind right away, which we shall address below.

can i recover facebook messenger messages from someone i have been blocked

The burning question is can I recover Facebook Messenger messages from someone I have been blocked? We delve into the possibilities with hopeful hearts, seeking this answer in the blog.

We hope you don’t miss out on the chance to explore the depths of this interesting topic! So, dive into our insightful blog immediately!

Can I Recover Facebook Messenger Messages from Someone I Have Been Blocked?

Blocking someone on Messenger indicates that the user does not want to receive any messages from the target person in the future. This feature effectively limits the blocked user’s access to the person who blocked them.

Users are curious about how to recover Facebook Messenger messages from someone who blocked them. But hey, it’s very simple, so you don’t have to panic thinking that your chats have vanished into thin air online.

You must remember that each message until the individual blocks you are visible! Yes, you heard this right! Let us see why this happens!

You see, when you block someone on Facebook Messenger, both you and they will no longer be able to message, call, or make a video call. After all, that is the intent behind blocking someone.

However, remember that Messenger will not instantly delete your conversation thread if you have an open communication thread with the individual. You will have to manually delete the messages if you want to completely erase all traces of them from your account. This explains why it is possible to recover a Facebook Messenger message from a blocked user.

How to download Facebook Messenger chat history?

A simple delete button has enormous power in social networking applications like Messenger. Communications go into the digital void with a quick click, and there is no way to retrieve them.

However, it’s normal to become emotional or confused if you were the one who was unexpectedly blocked. You frequently end up deleting the chats, and if that’s the case, you may probably not simply get it back.

Remember, you can download the Facebook Messenger chat history in the Messenger app. This way, retrieving the messages you’ve had in the past with others becomes easy. Note the option from next time so you don’t regret deleting the messages.

We’ll walk you through how to download your Facebook Messenger chat history in the steps that follow. Make sure to grab your devices and pay attention to the steps.

Steps to download Facebook Messenger chat history:

Step 1: Log into your Facebook Messenger account to get started.

Step 2: Locate and open the profile icon in the upper left corner.

Step 3: Scroll down to and tap the Settings & Privacy option.

Step 4: Please select the Settings options next.

Step 5: Now, opt for the Privacy tab and click it.

Step 6: Look for the Your Facebook information option next and tap it.

Step 7: This page has a download profile information option. You must tap it next to proceed.

Step 8: Next, select file options from HTML and JSON and choose an appropriate media quality.

Step 9: Export the chats to continue.

Step 10: Select Messages and hit the Request a Download button.

Step 11: Go to the available files option when your files arrive and download them.

Step 12: You must re-enter your password for authentication purposes and confirm it to get the file.

Remember that you must extract the Zip file you get to view the message history.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to follow the preceding method, you can simply screenshot the messages and save them to your smartphone. The approach is quite handy if there are fewer messages, but if you need to obtain a large number of messages, we advise downloading them.

In the end

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We addressed, can I recover Facebook Messenger messages from someone I have been blocked? Please make sure you read the section above where we went into great length on the question. Also, we talked about downloading the messages and the steps to easily execute this process.

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