How to Block Someone Who Has Blocked You on Instagram

Undoubtedly, Instagram is an amazing and most-used social media platform by people all around the world. It has become so popular through its photos and videos sharing options. It is so popular that ‘Instagramming’ has officially become a verb now.

block someone who blocked you on instagram

Instagram has over a billion registered accounts and was recently acquired by Facebook in 2012. It has become a home space for small businesses to big companies, celebrities, and even politicians.

But it has its side effects too. What if you don’t want someone or a particular person to view your posts or stories on Instagram? We block them right? But do you have any ideas? Today we are going to talk about that – How to Block Someone Who Blocked You on Instagram? Let’s get into this!

So when someone blocks you from seeing their posts and content, you can’t see them anymore as vice versa blocks the person back. But how to know if someone has blocked you.

There are many ways to find it, but let us have a look at a few common ways:

  • You can’t see their profile if you search for their username in the search bar.
  • The comments and likes of those people on your posts will disappear.
  • Another obvious thing is reducing the follower count.
  • When you go to their profile, it shows “No posts yet”.
  • You can’t follow that particular person anymore.
  • You will be told that the user is not found.
  • The user’s chat will also disappear from the Instagram chats.

How to Block Someone Who Blocked You on Instagram

You have to know that to block people or any user, you have to go to their profile. But if the person is already blocking you then you can’t see their profile after a few hours. You will only have two options to find their profile then.

  • The first way is you can find their profile by searching in the search bar.
  • The second way is by finding it through direct message.

Sometimes you can see their profile by just searching using their profile name, then blocking them becomes easier. Here are the steps to follow. (These are to be followed when you had no conversation with that person)

  • First, find the profile through the Instagram feed or search bar.
  • Tap the 3 dots on the top right of the profile page.
  • And then click the block. (And it’s that simple.)

To block someone who already had a conversation with you can be done using the following steps.

  • You can directly find their profile using Instagram chat.
  • Click on the exclamation mark that you see on the top right
  • Now click on Block and Ta-da they are blocked.

Can Person See Your Profile After they Blocked You on Instagram?

Definitely not, if someone blocks you on Instagram they can no longer see your posts, DMs, stories, followers, or following. However, they can see your profile for a few hours or days by accessing it through DM.

In Fact, the person who gets blocked will also have the access to the other person’s profile for a time period just in case they want to block them back.

So if you want to block the person who blocked you it is better to do it within a few hours or days after the incident.

What is Difference Between Block and Restrict on Instagram?

Blocking someone on social media will definitely avoid them from accessing your personal life, but blocking them in real life doesn’t seem like a good option isn’t it? For that reason, we have the restrict option on Instagram.

But How does this Restrict feature work? To keep it in simple sentences, this feature helps you in avoiding unnecessary interaction with the users without alerting them. With the help of this feature, both you and your followers can see the limited comments or engagements on your posts.

In fact, it is like keeping them behind the window in private. They can see you but can’t directly interact with you like how others do. In real life, it is a safe way of avoiding or blocking people from your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I on the following list of someone who blocked me?

It is simple, you see yourself in their follower list because they didn’t unfollow you before blocking you. But after they unblock you once it is going to change. They might have to follow you again to get access to your posts, feed, and stories and also Vice-versa.

Can I follow someone who blocked me?

The answer is No you can’t. If you are blocked by someone and you want to follow them, then it is not possible. No matter how many times you tap on the follow button or on their profile you can see no change.

Can you block someone who is not your follower?

Yes, you can. The person doesn’t have to be your follower on Instagram to block them. Just like how we said before you can follow the same process of opening their profile, clicking the three dots on the top right, and pressing block.


So we hope we provided you with all the information needed to block, restrict or unblock anyone on your Instagram. Now you can block or restrict the person you want to hide your posts or stories from.

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