Why Does My Following Count Keep Changing on Instagram?

We find ourselves lost in a world of mesmerizing pictures and uplifting stories in the lively world of Instagram! But sometimes, we need answers to concerns that are bothering us. Well, we have picked one such topic to discuss today in our blog.

why does my following count keep changing on instagram

Who doesn’t like following people from different walks of life on the platform? We linger to enjoy the arrival of new users to follow. However, we can sometimes see a fall in a split second. The following count in our profiles may dramatically fluctuate as we navigate through our profiles sometimes.

Remember that your Instagram following count changes shouldn’t cause you to worry. So, let’s investigate why your following number on the app keeps changing.

Why Does My Following Count Keep Changing on Instagram?

Are you certain you saw the following count on your Instagram profile? Sometimes, we get lost in the number count and remember it incorrectly.

However, if you’re positive about the count, we must explain the reasons for these changes on your account. Please see the reasons we’ve specified below.

Reason 1: Instagram eliminates bots and users that violate the community guidelines

Instagram removes accounts that engage in wrong behavior on the platform. You must know the prevalence of third-party applications used by influencers, companies, and artists to automate follows and interactions. It contradicts Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

The app becomes aware of such accounts and instantly deletes them. If someone on your following list consistently violates the app’s community norms, their account will be terminated, causing changes in your following counts.

Reason 2: Users follow and unfollow you

We follow and unfollow users based on our interests in their accounts. You are under no obligation to continue following the account if you determine the content no longer interests you.

So, as people follow and then unfollow you, the number in your followers list is bound to fluctuate. Naturally, when you follow and unfollow people in your following list, you can see a change in the number of people who follow you.

Reason 3: Deactivated or Inactive Instagram accounts are reactivated

If you violate the community guidelines, Instagram frequently deactivates your account for a specific time, such as 24 to 48 hours. After the period ends, you may access your account as usual.

So, some users on your following list may have either deactivated their accounts or Instagram did it for them. But now, these individuals have successfully reactivated their accounts and are back on your following list, causing the number to change.

Reason 4: Instagram bug

Instagram bugs affect the entire application or just a few features or settings. If the following count changes, your account may be acting strangely due to these bugs.

Well, it’s a technical issue, and your count will return to normal when some time passes. But keep in mind that there are instances when you’ll lose users from your following list, which will reduce the count.

If a problem occurs, Instagram usually fixes it quickly, but if you lose people, you can always start following them again.

Reason 5: Instagram’s servers are down

Long-term users are accustomed to Instagram’s servers failing from time to time. New users, however, can feel concerned if they notice how some features don’t work because of it.

It seems that the list of items that are impacted by Instagram’s downtime now includes your follower count. The issue with your following count will be resolved once the platform is operational again, so try holding off until that time.

Reason 6: People are deleting their Instagram account

Account deletion is nothing new, and we occasionally do it to return to our offline habits. Hence, you don’t always need to remove your Instagram account for serious reasons. But this might also explain the changes in Instagram’s following count.

If an Instagram user tag is displayed instead of their name, it means they have deleted their account. You can search for their usernames to see whether or not their account is active. If not, maybe the individual has permanently deleted their account.

Reason 7: Instagram users are blocking you

People you follow might block you for various reasons, so that’s another reason you’re seeing changes in the count. You have been blocked if you can’t locate their profiles after searching for them.

You can message them by checking your DMs for their conversations, but your message won’t be sent if they have blocked you.

In the end

That’s it, folks; we have arrived at the end of our discussion. Let’s revisit the topics we have addressed.

We discussed the seven reasons why your Instagram follower count keeps fluctuating. Read each one to determine the underlying reason and then see what fixes you can apply.

Do not hesitate to comment if you are still unclear or have any queries! We’ll try our best to reply to your message.

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