Why Do People Disappear on Snap Map and Then Reappear?

Do you like to keep tabs on where your best friend is currently located? If yes, Snap Map messing up with that information can easily get on your nerves. Snapchat launched Snap Map in 2017, allowing users to connect with their friend’s locations in real-time. As the years passed, Snapchat continued adding unique features that were unavailable on other social media platforms. That’s why users see Snapchat as a mix of Instagram, TikTok, and WhatsApp. If you want to text your friends, Snapchat has a text feature.

why do people disappear on snap map and then reappear

If you want to send a quick picture to a friend, Snapchat has a handful of filters. If you want to share a location, hey, you have Snap Map. So, it’s pretty much an all-in-one application.

Even with all these bundled features, Snapchat users often face issues like people disappearing on Snap Map or not being able to view Snap users’ bitmoji on Snap Map. So, we’ll be addressing this pressing issue in today’s blog.

Why Do People Disappear on Snap Map and Then Reappear?

Are your friend’s bitmoji disappearing and reappearing from time to time? If yes, know that it’s not just happening to you. Many Snapchat users have reported the same issue, and the trigger for that has almost always been a glitch or privacy settings.

However, there are different reasons why you’re facing this issue. After all, not everyone’s situation is the same. Hence, we have covered every single possible reason that influences Snap Map glitches like this. Here are the top reasons why your Snapchat friends’ bitmoji appear and disappear from Snapchat occasionally.

Privacy setting

Snapchat introduces questionable unique features but also gates the feature with customizable privacy settings. For instance, information about a person’s location can invade their privacy and trigger unwanted issues. Hence, all Snapchat users can control who can view their location on Snap Map.

So, basically, if you couldn’t see a person’s bitmoji on Snap Map, it’s because of their privacy settings. Snapchat calls this feature Ghost mode. If a user turns on ghost mode, their location can disappear from Snapchat until they decide to turn it back on. Alternatively, if a person decides not to share where they’re headed for a while, the ghost mode can be set according to their time preference.

Unavailable for a long time

Snapchat is a time-sensitive application. If you stop sending snaps consistently, you’ll lose the streaks. Likewise, if you stop opening Snapchat for more than 8 hours, your bitmoji will disappear from your Snap Map.

If you haven’t received any stories or snaps from a person for a while now, it could indicate that they are inactive.

This is a generic rule that determines how Snapchat operates. Hence, if your friend has been inactive on Snapchat for more than 8 hours, you won’t be able to see their location. You need to wait until they resume their activity again to see their location.

Visibility control

As much as Snapchat loves you to stay connected with your friends in real-time, they also respect each user’s privacy. If a Snapchat user decides to control who has access to their sensitive information, like location, they can restrict a few of their Snapchat friends. A dedicated customization option lets Snapchat users control who can see their location on Snap Map.

If your friend has enabled that customization feature and hasn’t included you in the “People who can view my location” list, you won’t have access to their location details. Until they decide to lift that privacy shield, you won’t be able to view their bitmoji on Snap Map.

Poor internet connection

The internet fuels Snapchat’s operations.

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