Is it Possible to Only Have 7 Best Friends on Snapchat?

Snapchat is all about connections, and with connections comes closeness to other people. We create accounts on the platform to meet and engage with different people. We can create our own community on the platform by adding friends to our list. Users can then have conversations with each other and send them daily snaps. When you send snaps to a particular user every single day, and they send snaps back to you, you and the other user can form a streak.

is it possible to only have 7 best friends on snapchat

A streak is basically when two users send daily snaps to one another. However, if any one of them fails to send a streak within 24 hours of their last snap, the streak will be broken. They will then have to start over from zero again.

This feature makes the platform really addictive, and users are tempted to use it every day. They also share the most interesting parts of their daily lives with each other. When two people converse with each other a lot and have plenty of interactions with one another, it shows on the platform.

Users can become best friends with each other if they engage with one another a lot. Lately, many of our readers who use Snapchat have come to us with the query of whether it is possible only to have seven best friends on Snapchat.

If you are also curious about this, you are just at the right place. In this blog, we will explore how many best friends a user can have on Snapchat and whether it’s possible to have only seven best friends on the platform. Let’s get started!

Is it Possible to Only Have 7 Best Friends on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, Best Friends essentially refers to a feature that displays a list of users you interact with the most frequently on the platform. It has traditionally been a way to highlight and recognize the users with whom you are the closest on the platform.

The concept behind Best Friends revolves around the idea of closeness and mutual engagement. The Best Friends feature is determined by your interaction and communication frequency with other users.

To address your question of whether it is possible to have seven best friends on Snapchat, the answer is Yes. Snapchat allows you to have as many as eight best friends on the platform. However, it is not compulsory for every user to have eight people who are their best friends.

A user can have any number of best friends, but the maximum limit is eight. Your best friend list is not a setlist. The people who are on your best friend list keep changing according to your interactions and engagements on the platform.

Now that we have that clarified, you may be wondering how two users can become best friends on the platform. While there is no specific method to “become” someone’s best friend on Snapchat, the feature is automatically generated based on your engagement with others on the platform.

However, you can always increase your chances of becoming best friends with someone on Snapchat. Let’s learn how you can do that in the following section.

What are the factors that determine Best Friends on Snapchat?

Traditionally, the Best Friends feature on Snapchat is determined by analyzing your interactions and communication with other users on the platform. While the exact algorithm Snapchat uses is not publicly disclosed, several factors likely contribute to the determination of Best Friends.

Let’s understand each of those factors one by one.

Engage in frequent communication

One of the key factors in determining Best Friends on Snapchat is the frequency of your communication with someone. The platform analyzes how often you exchange snaps and engage in chat conversations with other users.

When you have regular and frequent interaction with someone, it can indicate a closer friendship or connection with them. Hence, by consistently sending snaps and messages to a user, you increase your chances of being recognized as a Best Friend with someone.

You should send snaps, chat messages, and engage in conversations with the person you want to become Best Friends with. Regular interaction will definitely help strengthen your friendship on Snapchat.

Maintain a consistent presence

Next, consistency plays an important role as well. Snapchat likely considers the duration and longevity of your interaction with another user. This means that sustained and ongoing communication with someone over time can indicate a stable and meaningful connection with them.

If you consistently interact with a particular user, it increases the likelihood of being designated as Best Friends. So, stay active on Snapchat and regularly interact with the person through snaps, chats, and stories.

Respond promptly

Lastly, reciprocity is another important aspect considered by Snapchat’s Best Friends feature. It takes into account the mutual exchange of snaps and conversations between you and another user. If the interaction is balanced and both parties engage with each other’s content equally, it signals a reciprocal and potentially strong friendship.

This mutual engagement can contribute to the designation of Best Friends. When the person sends you snaps or messages, try to respond in a timely manner. This will show that you value and engage with their content, and it can consequently contribute to a closer friendship on the platform.

There you go! Using the points mentioned above, you can increase your chances of becoming best friends with someone on the platform. You should always ensure to keep your interactions on the platform polite and ethical.

You should also remember that Snapchat’s Best Friends feature is dynamic and can change based on your interactions over time. It is possible that you may have a different set of best friends a month from now.

To sum it up

Well, that brings us to the end of this blog. Let’s quickly go through everything we have learned today to sum it up. We began our discussion by talking about Snapchat as a leading social media platform for forming connections with others and having meaningful conversations.

We also discussed the streak feature on Snapchat that makes it a highly addictive platform. We then determined whether it is possible only to have seven best friends on the platform, the answer to which is Yes. We also explored the various features that contribute to deciding who your best friends are on the platform.

With this, we hope we were able to resolve all your doubts and queries about Snapchat and how many best friends you can have on the platform. If you have any more questions you would like us to answer, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

We will make sure to address them in our upcoming blogs, as always!

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