Why Did Someone Appear Under Other Snapchatters on Private Snapchat Story?

Gen Z teenagers are the first generation of teens to have this much access to technology. Teenage is already known to be quite the tumultuous phase, and when you add tech, mental health goes out of the window. And it’s quite understandable, if not completely justifiable/unavoidable. Fuelled by raging hormones, teenagers are unpredictable and prone to violent mood swings and bad decision-making. They’re already undergoing intense physical changes, developing their brain chemistry, and dealing with either heartbreak or loneliness.

why did someone appear under other snapchatters on private snapchat story

The extent of this goes so far that they stop spending time with themselves; they either don’t like themselves or just don’t know who they are. This would lead to them focusing on one field or subject where they ultimately gain mastery. However, when finally made to face themselves, they realize they’ve become what they wanted to be.

But the world today is something else thanks to technology. Instead of soul-searching and finding a passion, teens today are indulging in social media instead. Although there is much on the internet to learn, implement, and improve themselves, most teens focus more on cheap pleasure. Instead of learning, they’re inclined towards entertainment and fun.

Social media platforms are among the biggest time consumers for Gen Z. From Snapchat to Instagram and everything in between, teenagers are looking for more and more ways to pass their precious time doing nothing of value.

Thankfully, not all of Gen Z went down this road. There’s another fraction of teens who’re creating content, following their passion, and building their businesses for their future. It looks like this generation is not entirely doomed, even though the majority of it likes to operate like sheep.

And it’s not like these teenagers don’t use social media at all; it’s just that they want to work hard so they’re not consumed by it. Maintaining a balance is much better than quitting altogether.

Today’s blog will discuss what Other Snapchatters is and why it appeared under your private Snapchat story.

Why Did Someone Appear Under Other Snapchatters on Private Snapchat Story?

If you’ve ever seen the Other Snapchatters field under your private Snapchat story, we understand how confused you must be. Snapchat has been very secretive as to what it exactly means since there is no answer to this question on Snapchat Support.

However, that doesn’t mean we won’t help you. Other Snapchatters under your private story can mean a few things: the users have blocked/unfriended you, or they were never a part of your friend list. Basically, it consists of users who saw your story but are not part of your friend list.

But since this is a private story, we’re guessing it won’t be possible for non-friend users to see it. Let us say that you post a picture on your private story, and you see the Other Snapchatters field under it.

All the users on it have blocked or unfriended you after watching the story, or they’re users who never added you in the first place. It is also possible that you were the one to block or unfriend them.

If your friend is a part of this list, we’re sorry this was how you found out things are not all too well in your friendship. However, there’s nothing clear communication cannot fix. You only need to hit them up on some other platform or go to their house to discuss things.

It’s possible that they’re mad at you for something or are just having a really bad mood swing. It’s unnecessary to jump to conclusions when there could be a perfectly reasonable answer for a discrepancy, don’t you think?

So, unless you’re sure about what the problem is, it’s best to remain calm and open to explanations. Now, let’s see if you were the person on the other side of this.

Your friend just forgot that you were going to hang out today, and they’ve done this twice before. You’re tired of having such an irresponsible and problem-causing person in your life, especially when even their apologies sound like they’ve been picked on Google.

Sick of having to remind them of the same thing again and again, you open Snapchat to see where they are. But their story shows them hanging out with friends they said they didn’t like. Well, looks like hypocrisy has entered the picture.

You decide to block them immediately until they confess to their mistakes and promise to improve. Or, they could also choose to leave; it’s not like you need someone’s friendship, right?

So, we know blocking seems like the way to go. But bear in mind that it’s possible that they have a somewhat good answer for their mistake. If you block them, you’ll never get a chance to hear them. Moreover, it might end up hurting them since you acted completely of your volition without confronting them about it first.

Unless you want this situation to escalate even more, scale your reaction back. Think about this from a rational state of mind: so what if they did this? This is smaller than a blip in the grand scheme of things, right?

But we know you must do something, and we’ll help you, too!

How to Remove Friend on Snapchat

Step 1: Open Snapchat and locate your chats with this friend.

Step 2: When you find them, long press on them to make a pop-up menu appear.

why did someone appear under other snapchatters on private snapchat story

Step 3: Tap on Manage Friendship and then on Remove Friend.

why did someone appear under other snapchatters on private snapchat story

That’s all you had to do! Now, you can keep it like this unless they value you for the brilliant friend that you are.

Final thoughts

At the end of today’s blog, let us quickly recount all we’ve discussed.

Other Snapchatters under your Snapchat private story refers to all those users who have since blocked or unfriended you on the platform. It also consists of users who were never a part of your friend list or those who’ve added you but haven’t added you back.

While there could be many reasons why they could’ve done it, it’s best not to overreact until you have the story straight. If you wish to unfriend a user on Snapchat, we’ve also discussed that.

If you still have any questions or are in a similar scenario, we’d love to hear your story and answer your doubts in the comments!

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