Why Can’t I See Everyone Who Liked an Instagram Post?

People currently use Instagram to stay updated on the latest trends! App users from all over the world have commended it for helping them find others who share similar interests. The platform encourages people to express themselves creatively, and you can see the results in all of the reels and posts users post. The app generated quite a buzz when it debuted. We noticed how the younger generation started migrating from other social networking sites to Instagram over the years.

can't i see everyone who liked an instagram post

Many young people use the app to foster their interests, which they may even expand inside the app. So, opening the app every day has become like second nature to many.

Instagram’s visual appeal has helped it become even more popular. The app allows for some incredible visual storytelling, and businesses naturally make the most of it. Businesses provide behind-the-scenes images of their offices and product debuts to build a human connection with their clients.

Instagram is a fantastic platform that prioritizes the convenience and comfort of its user base. We will cover one of the commonly asked topics regarding the like counts that many people have been posing recently.

We’re discussing why can’t we see everyone who liked an Instagram post in this blog. So, you should read it all the way through if you have recently been considering the same question.

Why Can’t I See Everyone Who Liked an Instagram Post?

You stumble onto someone’s Instagram post, but you are unable to tell how many likes it has received. Well, if you follow Instagram news, you might be aware that the application was testing the ability to hide like counts.

So, many users are utilizing the feature fully now that it has been made available. Please read the paragraph below as we will emphasize why you can’t see every Instagram like on a post.

The person has enabled the hide like count option

Many Instagram users have fallen head over heels for the hide like count feature ever since its debut. These updates have been made since not everyone feels comfortable making the like counts public.

Many people actually prefer to hide the likes count because they might find it intrusive or overwhelming on a social and emotional level. We know many people love to keep their like counts public since they believe it makes everyone more transparent. But many also believe the possibility that it is impeding your creativity to some extent.

So, when someone hides their likes, you will see liked by username and others showing instead of the number of likes. You will see only username can see the total number of likes on this post displayed at the upper part of the page when you tap it. So, that explains why you cannot see the like count on the post.

Method 1: Hide like count on a post

Are you considering hiding the likes on older photos you’ve already posted? The good news for you is that doing so is very much possible.

In this part, we will assist you in hiding the number of likes when you have already shared a photo. So, let’s get started and see the steps you must follow.

Step 1: You need to open the official Instagram app on your device.

Step 2: Navigate to the post for which you wish to turn on the hide like count feature.

Step 3: There must be three vertical dots at the post’s upper right-hand corner. You need to go ahead and click on it.

why can't i see everyone who liked an instagram post

Step 4: A pop-up will emerge on the screen. You need to select the Hide like count option from here. Upon doing so, a like count hidden message will appear in front of you. It means you have successfully hidden your likes from public view.

why can't i see everyone who liked an instagram post

Please take note that you must follow the exact steps outlined above if you want to unhide the like count at any point in the post. But the hide like count will change to unhide like count. So, you should click on it, and a like count unhidden message will pop up, which means you have updated the changes.

Method 2: Hide like count while posting a photo on Instagram

This section will focus on how to hide likes as you create your post. Many people either become confused or have no idea how to proceed, although it is easy. So, please allow us to walk you through the process so that you can complete it without difficulty.

Step 1: Go to Instagram and tap on the + icon present next to the DM icon in the upper right corner.

why can't i see everyone who liked an instagram post

Step 2: A create window will appear on the screen. Please select Post from the list.

Step 3: Choose a photo from your gallery, apply the filter and edit it if you want to.

why can't i see everyone who liked an instagram post

Step 4: Next, you are taken to the page where you need to write a caption. Please scroll down on that page, and choose Advanced settings present at the bottom of the screen.

why can't i see everyone who liked an instagram post

Step 5: You will find the Hide like and view counts on this post option under the Like and views section. Turn the Toggle on for this option.

why can't i see everyone who liked an instagram post

In the end

We’ve come to the end of the blog; how about we talk about what we’ve learned today? We addressed the Instagram-related query: Why can’t I view everyone who liked a post on Instagram?

Well, we figured that the user may have chosen to hide their like count from their post. We had a thorough discussion of the hide like count feature.

We also spoke about several ways to hide the number of likes a post has received. We hope you have received your answer. You are welcome to leave your comments in the section below.

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