Why Can’t I Search Videos on TikTok and How to Fix it

TikTok is one of the best apps the world has received for posting and streaming videos! You can kill multiple hours of your day by being on the platform and scrolling through your favorite creators’ and influencers’ profiles. However, the app also has its fair share of troubles that can cause the users some inconvenience. TikTok users talk about how they can’t search for videos on the platform!

why can't i search videos on tiktok and how to fix it

Do you know the reasons behind it and how you can fix it? Read on to learn why can’t you search videos on TikTok and their possible fixes in the blog.

Why Can’t I Search Videos on TikTok and How to Fix it

Have you faced issues with your search bar on TikTok? Users complain of their search bar not working, and we believe you are also here due to this reason! You use it to search for videos from a creator, but you cannot do it.

TikTokers post a variety of videos on the platform for viewers to see, and missing out on them merely because the search bar decided to act up isn’t what we want. You wish to search for the videos, but nothing seems to work out perfectly for you.

Let’s address “why can’t I search videos on TikTok and how to fix it to help you understand it better. Please refer to the sections below to understand it better.

Possible reasons why can’t you search videos on TikTok

The search bar makes it easy for us to look for our favorite videos without having to scroll down all the time. You have endless videos to see and pass your lazy hours.

However, sometimes you cannot search for videos due to some errors and glitches. We can check out a few of them below.

Network error

We cannot deny the possibility of a network error when TikTok searches don’t function properly! You cannot expect the app to run if you don’t have stable internet connectivity. This might be one of the reasons why you cannot search for videos on the app.

App glitches

Did you check if there is a glitch that TikTok is facing? Technical glitches are an issue that users, at times, have to deal with.

Besides, many users don’t make it a habit to clear the cache. When it occupies too much space, that’s when TikTok starts causing a problem and giving you this trouble.

TikTok is down

Every app has its bad day, and its servers crash, meaning users will have trouble accessing their accounts. TikTok servers go down too, and as a result, their search bar might stop working.

The TikTok app is outdated

You know that every app releases updates to enhance its features and settings for a better user experience. Hence, with newer updates, the older versions of the app might cause this problem.

Possible fixes

We have a fair idea of the possible reasons why the error occurs, so it is only natural to seek possible fixes! Let’s see how we can get rid of this error now in the section below.

Check your internet connection

Is your internet stable enough? Check your internet connectivity because that might be the cause of all these troubles you are facing. Go to YouTube and try streaming a video to cross-confirm.

If your videos won’t load properly, then there is an issue with your internet connectivity. You must also switch between wifi and mobile data to check which works best for TikTok so you can search for videos.

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