Why Can’t I Like Videos on TikTok?

TikTok is one of the busiest social media platforms. The platform is constantly welcomed by new creators who share their skills with them. A video’s odds of becoming viral on the site grow every time we interact with them by liking and commenting.

why can’t i like videos on tiktok

But picture being unable to like the videos on TikTok that you enjoy! Given that you are present with us, we know that some of you are now dealing with this challenge right now.

We’ll discuss the reasons why you can’t like videos on TikTok in today’s blog, along with possible solutions. Keep reading with us until the end if you want to know more about it.

Why Can’t I Like Videos on TikTok?

We discussed in the section above how at times, TikTok gives you trouble when you wish to like people’s content. But why do you suppose that happens?

The crazy part about this issue is that we cannot pinpoint a specific factor that might account for why you can’t like videos on this platform. However, TikTok frequently assumes you are a robot when they see your actions are questionable.

When that strikes, a warning that reads, “You’re tapping too fast, take a break,” surfaces. This is what happens if you go over the platform’s like restrictions.

We can explain why TikTok occasionally acts out. Therefore, we need to test a lot of potential fixes that could assist you in resolving this situation.

Checking your internet connection

We think the first approach is to determine if your internet connection is steady. Of course, if the internet is slow, you can’t like a video or do anything else for that matter. So, go ahead and check your wifi or mobile data. If the network you’re using seems to be working just fine, you may also consider shifting the network. Moreover, it would be ideal if you temporarily activated airplane mode.

Once you open TikTok after checking your internet connectivity, leave a like on a video and see if the problem is fixed or not.

Watching the entire video before liking it

Do you like the video as soon as you view it? We don’t like every video shared by creators, do we? But when it is our favorites, we all get thrilled and like the video as soon as we see it.

Many people like the video without watching it, but did you know that this might be a potential cause of not being able to like anymore for the time being? Therefore, we suggest that you view the entire video before liking it. TikTok videos aren’t that long, and we are pretty sure you can watch these bite-sized clips without getting bored.

However, it is sometimes preferable to scroll through the clip if you are not really interested to see it. It would also save some time.

TikTok would know you are not a bot, and the process of leaving a like would go more easily.

In the end

In this blog, we addressed a common TikTok query: Why can’t I like videos on TikTok? We also spoke about some solutions that can enable you to solve the problem. We made it very clear that there may be a number of causes for this issue.

At first, we advised you to verify your internet connection. Additionally, we urged you to change your app’s liking pattern. So, we suggested that it is best to watch the entire video before liking it. You should also wait a while between each like.

Then we suggested updating the app, and last we discussed getting in touch with TikTok and reporting the problem.

If our blog helped you fix the issue, drop your comments for us.

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