Why Did My Likes on TikTok Go Down? (TikTok Likes Decreasing)

While some perceive TikTok as an infinite stack of videos that can do no good to anyone except TikTok, others enjoy watching videos they believe are entertaining and valuable to a good extent. The reality, as always, lies somewhere between the two extremes. TikTok is no different from other social media platforms when measuring the good and bad aspects – it can be useful if used correctly and harmful if used beyond limits.

why are my likes decreasing on tiktok

No matter what people think of this platform, everyone would agree that TikTok is more addictive than most other platforms you can come across. It is addictive not just for the viewers but also for the creators of the short videos.

The increasing number of likes and followers, and, above all, the recognition you get when your videos perform well on TikTok drives every creator to keep posting videos on TikTok.

But sometimes, your likes on the platform can decrease somewhat unexpectedly.

Your videos can get fewer likes than usual if your content quality is reduced and viewers don’t find the videos valuable enough. But if you notice that your likes are consistently decreasing day by day, it can point to another problem.

The next few sections will explore why your likes on TikTok may decrease unexpectedly and try to find some possible solutions. Read till the end to know why your likes are decreasing on TikTok.

Why Did My Likes on TikTok Go Down? (TikTok Likes Decreasing)

If your TikTok videos are suddenly not getting as many likes as they used to, it can mean any of several possible reasons. The reasons can range from trivial changes in trends and viewership to more complicated ones like restrictions and bans.

Your likes can be reduced if your content does not meet the expectations of your audience, if it is out of trend, or if the quality of videos is not up to the mark. Your videos can also be pushed back by the algorithm if they are not of proper length or don’t comply with TikTok’s terms of service. In either case, you might notice a sudden drop in your video likes and views.

Here are some of the most common reasons that can lead to a reduction in the likes of your TikTok videos, along with the solutions that can help increase the likes:

#1: Your videos are out of trend:

This is the most common reason behind decreasing likes on TikTok. The trend factor is crucial for getting popular on any online platform, especially platforms like TikTok.

Content that is well aligned with the current trend can naturally perform way better than similar content lacking the “trend” element. Due to this, the popularity of videos can vary depending on the trend’s popularity.

The Solution:

Keep your new videos updated with the latest trending topics relevant to your target audience, so your videos can connect with the audience and garner more likes.

#2: The audience is not liking your videos:

Only following the latest trend blindly is not enough if your videos do not cater to the needs of your target audience. If you have recently started making videos that are very different from the ones you used to make, your likes might decrease if your existing audience is not interested in the topic.

For example, suppose you have been making cooking videos for the past few months and gained many followers but have recently switched to making finance-related videos. In that case, your existing followers might not connect with you anymore.

The Solution:

Upload videos your existing audience likes, as your audience is the most important factor for your growth. If you want to upload videos on multiple topics, making a separate account for each niche is best.

#3: Your videos are too short:

Although TikTok is dedicated to short videos, your videos shouldn’t be too short. Videos that are too short often perform worse than longer, proper-length videos. This is because the shorter a video, the less likely it is to pack valuable content. The algorithm prefers longer videos over videos that are exceptionally short.

So, your views and likes might decrease if you have recently started making shorter videos.

The Solution:

Your videos should be of ideal length- neither too long nor too short. We suggest you make videos at least 15-30 seconds long, though you can make longer videos if required.

Closing thoughts

The success of your TikTok account crucially depends on the average number of likes your videos receive. Therefore, if your likes start decreasing, it seems a matter of concern.

In this blog, we dived deep into the causes behind decreasing likes on TikTok. We shared with you some of the most common factors that can potentially explain the sudden drop in your TikTok likes. But knowing the cause isn’t enough. So, we have also provided some possible solutions for each cause.

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