Where Is Dual Whatsapp Storage Location

For many of us, keeping our professional and personal lives separated is very important. And while it’s not possible to do that completely, it is not completely impossible either. The Dual Apps feature (also called Dual Messenger in some phones), which is present on most smartphones nowadays, helps us achieve the balance between the two aspects of our lives. By creating a second version of WhatsApp or other messaging apps, we can keep our chats divided into two types of conversations without the need for two separate devices.

where is dual whatsapp storage location

However, a bit of confusion often lingers around the Dual Apps feature– where is the second app stored in the phone? The storage location of Dual WhatsApp and dual versions of other apps is important for various reasons. But it often remains a mystery as it is often not so obvious to locate.

If you want to find out the storage location of Dual WhatsApp, you have landed on the correct place, as we are here to tell you just that. In the following sections, you will discover how to find out the location of Dual Apps on your phone.

Where is Dual WhatsApp storage location?

The location of the cloned version of WhatsApp can differ from one phone to another, mainly depending on the phone’s brand and model. Moreover, if you have installed Dual WhatsApp using a third-party app, the WhatsApp folder is usually located inside the third-party app’s folder on your phone.

Since most phones have in-built Dual App functionality, we will presently focus on finding Dual WhatsApp storage locations on some leading phone brands (Android) with the built-in feature.

Samsung phones

Most Samsung smartphones store all dual apps in a separate folder that acts as an alternate storage specifically dedicated to dual apps. It has the same structure as the internal storage of your phone. As soon as you create a dual version of WhatsApp or any other app, a folder named DualApp gets created automatically, containing all the data of all dual apps.

Follow these steps to find out the storage location of WhatsApp:

Step 1: Open the My Files on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Step 2: On some of the models, you might see a separate folder named Internal Storage (Dual Messenger) as soon as you open My Files.

If you can see this folder on My Files, tap on it and skip to Step 5. Else, move to the next step.

Step 3: Tap on Internal Storage.

Step 4: Scroll through the internal storage until you find a folder named DualApp. You can also search ‘DualApp’ using the search icon at the top right.

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