When You Add Someone to Snapchat Group Can They See Saved Messages?

Social media platforms are all about connecting with people around the world: be it our friends and family or strangers. According to the needs, wants, and priorities of different types of internet users, the market is equipped with just about all sorts of platforms. For example, Instagram and Facebook are large-scale platforms and are generally used by people who aren’t that concerned about their data. They don’t mind if their friends or family see their social media activity.

Both these platforms are also quite famous for being highly distracting, the contribution for which goes to the Reels feature and Explore tab. Although both platforms have taken steps to decrease that distraction by take-a-break reminders, they haven’t been much help.

On the other hand, WhatsApp and Snapchat are for those who prefer more privacy and quiet. If you were to compare Instagram and WhatsApp/Snapchat, you’d relate the former to a nightclub while referring to the latter as family gatherings or close-knit get-togethers.

WhatsApp and Snapchat aren’t the same but are somewhat similar in that they both aim to provide their users convenience with security.

WhatsApp is the most exclusive social media messaging service; only users who have your personal phone number can add you! Even if someone does get your phone number, WhatsApp allows you to hide your profile picture, online status, and last seen and read receipts from all users.

Snapchat is a bit more relaxed; for starters, anyone with your username can find you out. However, they can’t add you, contact you, or even see your profile picture if you don’t want them to. Besides, Snapchat is also chockful of innovative, funky features that are bound to keep you hooked to the platform.

So, which team are you on? And before you agree to go with the first one, won’t you give the latter a try to see if that fits you better? Today’s blog will discuss if adding someone to a Snapchat group means they can see all saved messages.

When You Add Someone to Snapchat Group Can They See Saved Messages?

If you love Snapchat and have a large inner circle of friends, group chats are a necessity. But if you add someone to your Snapchat group you created long ago, will they be able to see all the past messages you’ve saved? Thankfully, nothing of that sort is possible.

Who doesn’t like group chats? Isn’t it so exciting when you’re typing to get your witty comment in before the topic is closed? Sure, it might not feel very fun when you’re being roasted for the same typo three days in a row now, but still.

Or isn’t it surprising and amusing to wake up and see more than a hundred messages in the group chat? Yes, you might be able to read all the messages peacefully and in order, but it also gives major FOMO, isn’t it?

So, group chats are amazing, and the amount of fun is often directly proportional to the number of participants. After all, the more, the merrier, right? Well, as long as “the more” is less than 100 participants, it works, but Snapchat doesn’t allow any more than that.

Let’s say you were discussing one of your friends in a group chat one day, as you often do. However, one of your friends gave an opinion against them, saying they find them not entirely pleasant. Since every participant in the group saves every message, it also gets saved.

Here’s where the problem comes in: you now need to add that same friend to the group. It’s natural to be worried about them finding out everything you said regarding them. But as always, Snapchat has swooped in to save the day.

They can’t see any past messages, only the messages that will be sent after their joining. If they still somehow find out about the messages, it can only mean someone told them about them or even sent them a screenshot. If the latter is the case, you might see a notification saying [username] took a screenshot of the chat!

Here’s how to add someone to a Snapchat group

Step 1: Open the Snapchat mobile app on your phone and go to your Chats page.

Step 2: Locate and long-press on the group chat to which you wish to add more users.

Step 3: On the menu that appears, tap on Add members to Group and add away!

Final thoughts

If Snapchat is your preferred social media platform, you must know about the platform’s basic features that you might have to use someday. For example, groups are highly convenient for a friend squad to stay connected, so it’ll be best to know what happens when you add someone new to a group.

Let’s say you have a group chat on Snapchat with your best friend. Some time ago, you said something unkind about someone there, and everyone saved it since all of you saved all messages in the group.

You’re now going to add this person to that very group, so is it possible that they might learn about what you said?

The answer is no; they won’t, so you can relax. We’ve also discussed how you can create a group on Snapchat and add someone to it easily. If our blog has helped you, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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