How to See Who Hasn’t Added You Back on Snapchat [Fast & Easy]

Snapchat is known for the variety of different things it has to offer. We use Snapchat for its exciting, distinctive features that can’t be found anywhere else. We use Snapchat to use beautiful filters and lenses that enhance our photos and videos, to follow our favorite celebrities, and to watch videos on Spotlight.

see who hasn't added you back on snapchatsee who hasn't added you back on snapchat

But most of all, we use Snapchat to find old and new friends and chat with them. Snapchat allows you to find friends from your contacts through the suggestions you see on the Quick Add section of the app and by manually searching for the username via the search bar.

Adding a user as a friend on Snapchat only takes a few taps, but the user doesn’t become your friend until they add you back. And, while you get notified when someone adds you back, there doesn’t seem to be a simple way to see who hasn’t.

Well, knowing who hasn’t accepted your friend request on Snapchat is not as difficult as you think. And there is not one but several ways to do that. Read on to learn about three ways to see pending friend requests on Snapchat.

How to See Who Hasn’t Added You Back on Snapchat

#1: Download your data

Step 1: Launch a web browser (preferably Chrome) and go to

Step 2: Log in to your account by entering your username and password.

see who hasn't added you back on snapchat

Step 3: You will land on the Manage My Account page, where you will see several buttons. Tap on My Data.

see who hasn't added you back on snapchat

Step 4: On the My Data page, scroll down to the bottom; you’ll need to fill in the email address where you want to receive the compressed ZIP file containing your data. Then, hit the Submit Request button.

see who hasn't added you back on snapchat

Here comes the waiting part. Snapchat will start preparing your file. Usually, you would receive an email with a link to the file within an hour. But sometimes, it can take up to 24 hours or longer.

Step 5: Once you get an email with the subject, “Your Snapchat data is ready for download,” tap on the link in the email to go to your file.

see who hasn't added you back on snapchat

Step 6: Back on the My Data webpage, you will find your file under the subhead, Your File is Ready. Tap on the file name to download it.

Step 7: Extract the contents of the file. The extracted folder contains two folders and one file. Open the folder named html.

Step 8: Locate the file named friends.html and open it using your browser. On this html page, you will see an overview of your friends, friend requests sent, deleted friends, blocked users, and more.

The Friend Requests Sent section contains a list of users who haven’t added you back.

#2: Check their Snapscore

A common way to check whether a particular user has added you back is by checking whether you can see their snapscore. If you can see it, they have added you back; if you can’t, they most likely haven’t added you.

Step 1: Open Snapchat and log into your account.

Step 2: If you have previously chatted with the user, go to your Chats and tap on their bitmoji to go to their friendship profile.

see who hasn't added you back on snapchat

If they have added you, you will see their snapscore below their bitmoji icon on the profile page. If you can’t see the snapscore, they likely haven’t added you back.

see who hasn't added you back on snapchat

If you haven’t chatted with the person, search for their username using the search bar, and tap on their bitmoji when they appear in the results.

NOTE: While this method works most of the time accurately, many users often report that they cannot see the snapscore even when they know the other person is their friend. So, use this method with a grain of salt.

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