When Bumble Shows a Distance, Does That Mean Person Was Active Recently?

Looking to make a first impression on an online dating site? Give Bumble a shot if you want to flip the script and empower women to initiate contact. The app is waiting with a bustling swarm of chances for friendship and love for its users. With its wide user base, Bumble adds a spark to your dating life and guarantees a good time. Countless happy endings include couples who met on the platform, fell in love, and are now spending the rest of their lives together.

when bumble shows a distance, does that mean person was active recently

We’re all different and perhaps might not luck out, but it doesn’t hurt to seize fascinating possibilities, right? The app is also pretty intuitive, making it easy to navigate its features.

Today, we will discuss someone’s active status on Bumble. Users are curious if the person was active recently when Bumble shows a distance.

Well, a person must be active at least so that we can make a move, isn’t it? Let’s move on because so many people are eager to find out the answer. Visit the blog right away to get your answer and clear any confusion.

When Bumble Shows a Distance, Does That Mean Person Was Active Recently?

Does Bumble showing distance mean the person was active recently? Let’s clear this confusion for you – the answer is a resounding no.

Bumble starts displaying distance or location does not necessarily suggest that the individual was active recently. As opposed to that, it simply indicates that the app has access to the user’s most recent location and can display it to you.

We’ll break down how distance or location on this platform works so that you grasp things better. Bumble will remain locked at the last location that a user logged in if they don’t access the app for days or even months at a time. Well, so you can expect the app to show you months or year-old locations if that’s the case.

The location of users on the majority of well-known dating apps is updated while the application is running in the background. However, Bumble differs somewhat in this regard. It will only update your location if you’ve opened the app. You can travel the world, and the app will be stuck in your hometown location if you don’t open the app at all on your world tour.

We advise keeping an eye on a person’s distance/location change if you want to determine whether they have been active recently by looking at their location or distance on Bumble. The user has lately been active on the platform if there are even the tiniest changes and some type of shifting. If a user is actively using the app while traveling, the app will continually update the user’s position.

How to find out if someone was active recently on Bumble?

It takes two to tango when you’re dating, whether it be in person or online through applications like Bumble. Can you really see a future with someone who constantly ghosts you or is never online? No, right?

This part will cover texting someone and looking at their Bumble profile to see whether they’ve been active recently or could be online right now. Let’s check them out individually below.

Method 1: Look at their Bumble profile

Have there recently been any modifications to the target’s Bumble profile? Check out if the person’s profile image has changed or if their bio has been updated. If you’re successful in spotting changes, well, it means that the person came online and made those edits, indicating they were active recently.

The method requires an eye for detail, and not everyone has a photographic memory. We suggest you take a picture of their profile and compare it later to observe these changes to determine their active status better.

Method 2: Message exchange

Can you send a message to the person whose active status you desire to check? Well, send them a quick hey and wait for them to respond.

Now, you must observe how quickly they reply to have your answer. If they reply instantly, it might mean they are online currently. However, if they take a while, you will know that they haven’t been present on the app. Ask the person directly when they were last active on the platform if you’re still unsure or want more clarity.

In the end

Bumble currently offers no direct way to find out if someone is active/online on the platform. We’ve mentioned how the app showing location is by no means an indication that the person was active recently.

We really hope the explanation addresses any confusion. If you have more doubts, please feel free to ask them right away so that we can clear them once and for all.

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