What Does “You do not have permission to send messages in this channel” Mean on Discord?

Do you remember Clubhouse? If you’re keeping up with social media trends, you might have noticed it and even used it for a while. The central theme of Clubhouse is to facilitate people to gather in one place virtually and help them to connect. After the launch of Clubhouse months later came the Twitter spaces. The core theme of this feature of Twitter is similar to the Clubhouses theme. Do you know the app that existed with all these features before Clubhouse and Twitter? Take a second and guess. The answer is Discord.

what does you do not have permission to send messages in this channel mean on discord

It was launched in 2015 to help users gather at one place virtually and talk about the topic that interests them. This is one of the main features of Discord. There are other features as well, which is why content creators still choose to gather their audience in Discord. However, we will discuss the one common issue users of Discord face today. They find this as a major restriction in Discord servers. The issue is not being able to send messages on a server. Do you face the same issue? We guess you’re, and that is why you landed in this blog.

If that’s a yes, we would like to tell you that you’re in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss why do you see “You do not have permission to send a message in this channel,” what does this means, and a solution for this problem you’re facing. We would like to save your time, so let’s dive into the main issue.

When does “You do not have permission to send messages in this channel” occur?

Before you know when does this problem occurs, it is necessary to understand how Discord servers work. But of course, we will not bore you with explaining everything about the Discord servers. We want you to know the basics of the server which will help you to understand the issue you’re trying to troubleshoot.

There are Settings called roles and permissions in Discord. This Setting is customized or altered only by the admins and those users who have given authority to do so. The Admins of the particular Discord server choose the roles that can be given to the channel member to make them stand out from other members.

By being in a role, the users get to have privileges that usual members don’t have access to. These privileges include sending messages, links, files, managing mentions, certain group activities, and so on. When a Discord server is created, all the features are available to all the server members.

There will be no restrictions. Hence, if this is changed, it is clear that the admin has probably changed it for a reason. Therefore, remember that the Discord server admin decides their members’ privileges.

When it comes to sending messages, it depends upon the Settings of the server you’ve joined. Some servers allow members to send messages, whereas others restrict their members from doing so. And specific channels give messaging privileges to only those who have a role. Hence, the bottom line is this depends on the server you have joined. But there is an option to come out of this. We are going to discuss it in the upcoming section.

Final Words

With that, we have come to the end of the blog. Here is a quick recap. Firstly, we discussed what “you do not have permission to send messages in this channel” means on Discord and the possible reason behind this. Secondly, we discussed two actionable steps you can take to get access to send messages on a Discord server.

We believe those two methods will help you to come out of this. Now, tell us in the comment if you followed the steps mentioned in this blog to come out of the issue.

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