UK Visa Status – How to Track UK Visa Status Using GWF Number Online in India

UK Visa Status – How to Track UK Visa Status Using GWF Number Online in India

Track UK Visa Status: United Kingdom (UK) visa applicants can now digitally check UK visa status online with just visa reference number, passport number, and GWF number.

The United Kingdom is a hotspot destination offering the ideal environment for travelers who would love to explore England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

uk visa status

Every year thousands of people visit the United Kingdom for different purpose such as leisure (holiday or to see family and friends), business (attend meeting, events or sports) and other reason (medical treatment, join a family member or friend and settle down there and take all the benefits that the country has to offer).

The UK is a member of the European Union and operates its own visa policy where individuals must need permission from the government to visit or stay in the country.

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However, there are many countries are permitted to visit the UK without obtaining a visa. Depending on the visa, the applicant needs to fill specific type of visa application form, pay fees, print receipt and book appointment for submitting biometric details and documents.

How To Check UK Visa Status Online

  • Blue Dart Website (Track Using GWF Number)
  • Official Government of United Kingdom Website (Email ID & Phone Number)

Method 1: Blue Dart Website (Track Using GWF Number)

Follow this step by step process for check UK visa status using GWF number online.

  • Log on to the UK Visa Tracking page from any web browser.
  • Click on the TrackDart (Track your Shipment) option and select Ref No (Don’t select Waybill option).
uk visa status
  • You need to enter some part of GWF Number to check the status of your application.

For Example: My GWF number is GWF047311646, i need to enter only 473116 (Remove GWF0 from beginning and last two digits).

  • Once you enter the some part of GWF number tap on the Go button.
uk visa status
  • That’s it, next screen you will see current status of your application.
uk visa status

Method 2: Official Government of United Kingdom Website (Email ID & Phone Number)

You need to follow below step by step process for tracking the status of your UK visa application online.

  • Log on to the official Government of United Kingdom website from any web browser.
  • Here you can find a list of government services and information such as ‘Passports, travel and living abroad’, ‘Visas and immigration’, ‘Citizenship and living in the UK’ and much more.
uk visa status
  • Select the Visas and immigration option and click on the What you need to do for check if you need a UK visa, apply, biometric residence permits, manage and track your application.
  • Inside the To manage your application section tap on the contact UK visas and Immigration about your application option.
uk visa status
  • It allows you to contact UK visas and immigration from inside or outside the UK. To continue process click on the next button.
  • Choose the option where are you applying from. If you are from Outside the UK then select same and if you are in the UK then select Inside the UK option.
uk visa status
  • You can contact the customer support team in different languages such as English, Hindi, Russian, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and Arabic. Choose your preferred language and tap on next button.
  • Next page you will see visa and immigration contact information such as phone number and email id are given below.
uk visa status

Telephone option:

  • Phone number: 00 44 203 481 1736
  • Service availability: Monday to Friday (24 hours)
  • Charges: It cost 1.37 euro per minute + your standard network charges

Email option:

  • Email id: Tap on email UK visas and immigration to fill the contact form
  • Service availability: Monday to Friday (You will get a reply within 2 days)
  • Charges: It cost 5.48 euro for the first email and follow-up emails on the same inquiry are free
  • Information to include: Must include full name, GWF number and description of the purpose.

If you are contacting visa and immigration staff through email then you need complete payment through debit or credit card and it will charge once your message successfully sent. Also, keep in mind you will get a reply within 48 hours, but if you are in urgent then must use phone service is cheap and provide real-time support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check UK visa status if I had applied via Visa4UK?

Login to your Visa4UK account, go to view my applications and here you can check the current status of your application.

How do you use a GWF number to track UK visa application?

The GWF number used to track the visa if you have opted for courier service.

Can we track UK visa status online through the official website?

Yes, online visa tracking is possible through visa and immigration website.

How can I check my UK visa status with passport number?

Sorry, you can’t check visa status with password number.

How do I know that I have been approved for a UK visa?

You will receive appropriate notification and email from the staff if your application is rejected or approved.

How do I contact the visa and immigration department?

You can call to the 00 44 203 481 1736 from your registered mobile number and also send email through the contact form.

How long does it take to get uk visa?

It takes around 13 to 15 days to get a visa after submitting required documents along with the passport.

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