How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on TikTok or Deleted Their Account

TikTok initially gained immense popularity for its focus on bite-sized entertainment in the form of short-form videos. From comedy skits to viral lip-syncing videos and dance routines, you find everything on the platform and more. The app has unquestionably outperformed all expectations by evolving into much more than just a platform for fun. Today, it offers plenty of room for learning and self-expression. None can deny the impact it has in the music industry through song promotions and viral challenges.

tell if someone blocked you on tiktok or deleted their account

Obviously, entertainment remains at the core, but we can’t say it’s merely an entertainment platform. Now, even with the kind of reach TikTok has, sometimes, questions pop up in users’ minds, and we’re sure you think about them too.

The frequently asked question recently is, “how to tell if someone blocked you on TikTok or deleted their account.” We’ll dive right into the specifics, so make sure you read all about it.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on TikTok or Deleted Their Account?

You see, TikTok doesn’t directly notify you when someone deletes their account or uses the block button on you. Thus, all the signs we will put down below are based on an educated guess rather than definitive proof. We hope you look for all these telltale signs and then determine whether you are blocked or someone deleted your TikTok account.

Method 1: Check your TikTok following list

Have you been following the creator on TikTok who suddenly disappeared, giving you a hunch that they have blocked you? Why don’t you check your following list and search for their names there?

If you don’t locate their names in your following list, chances are they have blocked you, but perhaps they have simply deleted their account. To confirm this doubt further, consider following the person again.

Search for their TikTok accounts in order to follow them. Did you find the account, or was the username invalid? As you see, you can still be in a dilemma with this sign alone, and we must look for more concrete proof.

Method 2: Check the DMs

Blocking limits all activities between you and the person you have blocked; thus, sending and receiving messages is out of the question. Try to DM them and observe whether they respond or if your message is delivered. The other person may have deleted their account if you see that the chat thread between you and them is empty and without their name.

Method 3: Check the video comments

Finding out exactly what happened to their account gets a little bit easier if you’ve ever commented on one of their TikTok videos. How?

Check out the TikTok video where they responded to you. Can you locate the target TikTok video? You’re probably blocked if not.

You may also look for them if you’ve tagged them in your videos or mentioned them in the comments. If there are no tags visible right now, there’s also a good probability they’ve deleted their account permanently.

Method 4: Ask a fellow user

Do you have a mutual friend with the creator in question? Perhaps you both followed the creator before they vanished suddenly?

Well, if yes, then ask the fellow user or your mutual friend to cross-confirm your doubts. Ask them if they can see the creator’s account and videos. If they can, you have been blocked. However, if they cannot, then the signs point in the direction of account deletion. Try asking multiple mutual friends or fellow TikTokers to solidify your claims.

Method 5: Contact them directly

Confronting the individual in question is the only method that gives you solid proof of what has happened. Try contacting them via other social media platforms if you are not close enough to keep each other’s numbers. Slide into their DMs on Instagram or perhaps Twitter and ask whether they have deleted their account or blocked you.

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