How to Tell if OkCupid Account is Fake

The way we interact with each other differs from the way previous generations used to communicate. As technology developed, it provided people with ample opportunities to expand their networks. Humans are more connected than ever, virtually. One of the significant developments is social media, which has made entertainment accessible to everyone.

tell if okcupid account is fake

As a level-up, dating apps focused on helping netizens find like-minded people online. This opened up vast ground, like connecting across countries, which expanded the opportunity to reach out to more people.

In this blog, we will explore one of the most famous dating apps, OKCupid. You will find out how to tell if an OKCupid account is fake. If you’re ready, let’s get started.

How to Tell if OkCupid Account is Fake?

As much as these dating apps create space to build a connection and relationship, they come with several drawbacks. One of the common problems individuals face on the internet is fake accounts. Forging an identity is simpler than ever with the advancement of digital media.

The good news is that, in most cases, you can find many of the factors mentioned below in fake profiles. You can use all these elements to decide if an OKCupid profile is fake or legit. Let’s dive deep into each reason one by one.

Look for profile proof

Usually, a legit account will include a neat and clear photo. As people try to find an ideal match for themselves, they often post good and eye-catching photos. The profile may be a fake account if it doesn’t have a profile picture. So, as soon as you hit a match, make sure you first look for a picture before you proceed further.

Detect the conversation pattern

Next, you need to analyze the conversation pattern, even if the profile has a clear-cut photo. Do they sound like humans? Do they maintain a general and casual conversation? Are they trying to speed things up? These questions help you see if a person is looking to build a rapport with you genuinely or has any other intentions, like scamming or hacking.

Be aware of suspicious links

If you’re doubtful about the nature of the conversation, you need to be more cautious than before. Restrain yourself from clicking any links they send. Resist the urge if they try to sell you something or rush you to take the conversation off the platform.

Until you know the person, at least at the surface level, it’s better not to risk your information and safety. It is easier to track IP addresses with a click of a link, so stay away from all sorts of unwanted prompts.

Check for social media presence

If you think the profile is weird but the conversation is genuine, check their social media presence. You can even directly ask the person to share their social media handle.

If the person is genuinely interested, they won’t hesitate to share their page, just like you. Alternatively, a manual search with a little scrolling would do the trick if you wanted to avoid asking them directly.

Get to know the person better

One of the most straightforward ways to find the real person behind those photos and text is by getting to know the person in-depth.

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