Someone Connect Their Google Voice to Your Phone Number? How to Disconnect?

If you adore Google products as much as we do, we can almost guarantee that you also love Google Voice. Managing landline calls and work or personal calls has never been so simple. You can route each of these lines to a single number using Google Voice.

someone connected their google voice to your phone number

Keeping another number after having two or three could seem like a headache. However, we believe that this is the only number you’d ever need with Google Voice. Additionally, it is compatible with PCs as well as cellphones! What a cool thing.

It is unfortunate that the application is not secure against scammers even with such unique features! It can be annoying when people really connect their Google Voice to your phone number. Even worse is when these hackers attempt to utilize your number improperly.

Due to this, we will go into great detail regarding how to remove these unidentified Google Voice accounts from your phone numbers. Let’s dive right into the blog and absorb all the information we can!

Can Someone Connect Their Google Voice to Your Phone Number?

If you routinely use Google Voice or even just started seriously considering using it, there is something you should know first. You can link up to six numbers simultaneously. You cannot attach a phone number that is already associated with a Google account, though. 

People can, without a doubt, steal your phone number and link their Google voice to it. They only require the Google Voice app and a random Gmail account. 

Are you aware of the Google Voice fraud? If you don’t, please be aware that this fraudulent behavior is pretty prevalent right now.

There are still some people who post their phone numbers somewhere on social media without thinking. It will present a chance to a fraudster. However, you should be aware that anything as easy as putting your phone number in a Facebook post or on a dating app can leave you open to attack.

The perpetrators will open a Google Voice account after expertly hacking your phone number. Naturally, they must confirm the phone number; therefore, they will call you to provide a verification code as instructed by Google. And if you fall for their trap or are careless enough to do so (please don’t! ), they will have succeeded in getting your phone number.

How to Disconnect Your Phone Number from Someone’s Google Voice

We are aware of how unsettling it can be to learn while using Google Voice for the first time that someone else has already claimed your phone number. Since Google Voice scams are easy to begin, we believe that getting your number back is the most effective option. 

Let’s look at the steps below if you’re here to learn how to proceed with the approach.

Step 1: Head over to the Google Voice website. Do you see a Get voice number link if you are a new user? 

Tap on it, then adhere to the on-screen directions. You will see the Settings option; click on it.

Step 2: You will be prompted to link a forwarding phone number in Google Voice. 

Please don’t input your phone number that scammers already have access to or if someone else has already claimed it. 

You can use your backup phone, or if that’s not an option, use any available number to you right now. You need to make sure the specific number isn’t associated with another Google Voice account. All you have to do is wait for an OTP or verification call. 

Step 3: Can you locate a Linked numbers tab with a + New linked number option? Click on it.

Step 4: Enter the claimed/scammed number here. You then get a message that the number is currently in use, and would you like to reclaim it? Respond with a Claim.

Once you have completed the requirements, you will be able to reclaim your number. 

However, you shouldn’t be concerned if Google Voices doesn’t display a number already in use/claimed alert. It’s already been disconnected by the person.

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