How to See Who Viewed Your Strava Profile

In this fast-moving age where people are constantly on the go, fitness can often take a backseat. This holds especially true for individuals living in big cities, where every destination is so far away that you cannot possibly imagine walking there. People use vehicles to go to the places they want; they often use elevators or lifts instead of stairs and then sit in the office for long hours working. And to make up for the lack of movement and exercise, they go to gyms and fitness centers.

see who viewed your strava profile

In such a scenario, platforms like Strava really come to the rescue. Strava is a platform designed especially to promote health and fitness among people. It’s also convenient to use because it is a mobile application available for both IOS and Android users.

In this blog, we are going to explore whether you can know when someone views your profile on Strava, and if yes, then how?

How to See Who Viewed Your Strava Profile?

If you are an active Strava user, you would certainly try to make the most out of this incredible platform. This might mean creating connections on the platform to meet more people who share the same passion for fitness as you; it could also mean trying to track other athletes’ activities to learn and better your own.

If you want to see who’s been checking your profile on Strava, unfortunately, the platform provides no way for users to know who checked their profiles. You can only view who’s following you on the platform, but that’s it.

A Strava user’s profile contains all their public user data for the other users to see; this will include their gaming history, their wishlist, and any other information they decide to make public on the platform.

You can check this information by going to any user’s profile; they will also not be notified of the same. You can then go ahead and add that user to your friend list if you want.

The only way you can ever get to know if someone viewed your profile on Strava is if they performed an activity on it. It can be anything from sending you a friend request, inviting you to an activity, or commenting on something on your profile.

Strava provides several incredible features on the platform. One such feature is the ability to invite someone to an activity in case they could not record it themselves.

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