How to See How Many Videos a YouTube Channel Has

People surf YouTube to watch videos that could be relevant to just about anything. You can find a variety of videos, from instructional to entertaining. We all often stumble upon new YouTube channels, and some of these creators really awe us with their videos. We decide to binge-watch them all, so we wish to see just how many videos this creator has posted. But do you think it is possible to keep a count like that?

see how many videos a youtube channel has

Sometimes we lose track of the number of videos we’ve uploaded to our YouTube channel. So, it makes sense that keeping track of all of the videos we upload throughout time would be challenging, don’t you think?

However, don’t stress; we’re here to assist you in dealing with this issue. We’ll go through how to see how many videos a YouTube channel has in this blog.

Do you think that sounds good? Let us get started right now.

How to See How Many Videos a YouTube Channel Has

Let’s get to the point, so we don’t bore you while you are here. You should be aware that it is possible to see a number of videos a YouTube channel has, and we will explain how to do it in the following parts. Check each of these methods out individually.

Viewing YouTube videos via the YouTube app

Let’s start by talking about how to see how many YouTube videos your friend or favorite celebrity has posted. The procedure is simple, so you must carefully follow our instructions to understand the steps.

Steps to find how many videos a YouTube channel has via the YouTube app:

Step 1: You must first open the YouTube app on your smartphone.

Step 2: An in-built search icon is there at the top of the screen. You must click on it.

Step 3: Enter the YouTube channel name of the person whose videos number you want to see and run the search.

Step 4: Tap on their channel names when they appear. You will see the number of subscribers and the number of videos under their channel names at the top.

How to view the number of videos your YouTube channel has?

We’ll discuss two methods in this part for you to see all the videos you’ve uploaded to your account. These methods would be handy to you because there are instances when we want to maintain track of these numbers.

Via the library of your YouTube account

We will see how you can view your own number of public video uploads on YouTube in this part. This method requires you to access your YouTube library, and we’ll show you how to do so.

Steps to view the number of videos via the YouTube library:

Step 1: Go to YouTube on your browser.

Step 2: You will see a left panel on the screen. Navigate to Library in the panel and click on it.

see how many videos a youtube channel has

Step 3: You will spot your profile picture icon and name on the right-hand side. Under it, you will find three options, subscriptions, uploads, and likes.

see how many videos a youtube channel has

You should check out the number of uploads because it shows how many videos you have posted publicly on your channel.

see how many videos a youtube channel has

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