How to Recover Deleted Pinterest Messages

If you’ve used or heard of Pinterest, you must be aware of how a fun and interactive platform it is. Launched in 2010 with over 450 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a way to discover and share ideas online. The app’s main feature is the option to create virtual boards where users can save and arrange products, inspirations, ideas, workouts, and more. A fun feature of Pinterest is the visual search that allows users to search for ideas and products by tapping on an image. It’s particularly useful for those who can’t articulate what they are looking for or simply want to browse numerous ideas intuitively.

The related pins provide users with more ideas similar to the ones they have saved or searched for, making it easy to find interesting and relevant content.

Pinterest’s Unique Selling Point (USP), however, is its focus on inspiration and discovery. The platform’s algorithm is designed to show users content that is relevant to their interests, making it a personalized experience for each user.

Pinterest’s most tangibly beneficial feature is the opportunity for users to advertise their products and services to their target audience. With the platform’s personalized recommendations, businesses can easily reach potential customers. This has made Pinterest an amazing platform for business owners looking to expand their online presence.

Another great feature is the ability to collaborate on boards with other users. One can invite other users to contribute to a board, allowing everyone to share their ideas. It’s useful for planning events, sharing ideas, and creating mood boards for group projects.

So whether you are planning a trip, redecorating your home, or just want some inspiration, Pinterest will undoubtedly deliver. Today’s blog will discuss if and how you can recover deleted Pinterest messages. Stick with us till this blog’s end to learn about it!

How to Recover Deleted Pinterest Messages?

Diving straight into it, how can you recover the messages that you have deleted on Pinterest? Well, the answer is: you can’t. Not because Pinterest won’t allow it but because there isn’t an option to delete messages on the platform in the first place.

Pinterest is the platform where you meet people who are similar to you in terms of art, which is not easy to find today. So, when you do find those people who are like-minded about art, you hold on to them, and you don’t let go.

Well, Pinterest not only understands this but also supports this wholeheartedly! So, there’s technically no option to let you delete a conversation on the platform. The next closest thing you can do is hide a message.

Hiding a message isn’t the same as deleting it, with one glaring difference; you can retrieve a hidden conversation easily. Isn’t that amazing? But before we move on to that, we’ll first discuss how to hide a message on Pinterest in the first place.

Here’s how to hide a message on the Pinterest app

Step 1: Open the Pinterest app on your smartphone; you’ll automatically land on your Home page.

Step 2: At the bottom, you’ll see a horizontal tab with five options: tap on the fourth option from the left, which is also a message bubble.

recover deleted pinterest messages

Step 3: You’ll see two tabs at the top of this page: Updates and Inbox. Go to the latter tab. Here, you’ll find all your DMs with other users.

recover deleted pinterest messages

Step 4: Open your DMs with the user you wish to block. Tap the ellipsis icon at the top right and then on the first option: Hide conversation.

recover deleted pinterest messages

That’s it! Now there’s no need to worry about finding that message again when you open your Inbox.

Retrieving a hidden Pinterest message

If you want to retrieve a Pinterest message that you’ve hidden, the solution is fairly easy! All you need is to start a conversation with the user again, and all the older messages will come flooding back. To start a conversation on Pinterest, go to your Inbox and tap the New message option at the top of your other DMs.

Now, enter the username or email of the user you wish to contact again and tap the red Next button at the top right. You can create a group chat by selecting more than one user.

That’s how you can start a conversation with someone on Pinterest and restore the previously hidden conversation.

In conclusion

Pinterest is an amazing platform that can be best associated with inspiration, beauty, discovery, and ideas. It helps you find what you’re looking for but cannot articulate and check out the new and trending ideas relevant to it as well.

However, when you find a particularly impressive idea, you can also contact the user to let them know and connect with them. Not only will it help you expand your circle, but it’ll also allow you to fill it with quality, as you’ve connected over art.

Now let’s say you had a falling out with them or just don’t like them anymore. This doesn’t mean you can ghost or delete their messages; Pinterest doesn’t allow that. But what you can do is hide your conversations with them.

If something ever comes up that was in those messages, just send them one message, and they’ll all reappear. Isn’t that so neat? If our blog has helped you get out of a kerfuffle of your own, be sure to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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