[No Computer]How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving 2024

Do you play Pokemon Go and have trouble going outdoors and catching them all? No need to be concerned because here you will learn how to spoof Pokemon Go and how to play Pokemon Go without moving in 2024. Finally! It’s now possible to be a Pokemon trainer in your living room! Using iAnyGo iOS App and iAnyGo Android App, you can easily spoof Pokemon Go without computer!

Visualize yourself in the Pokemon world of an augmented reality game that you can play just in your room. The right tools and techniques will let you do this easily, wherever you are, enabling you to fish for rare Pokemon, battle in gyms, or complete quests.

Is It Possible to Play Pokemon GO without Moving?

For all the passionate Pokemon GO trainers, the question on everyone’s mind is: “Can I play Pokemon Go without walking?” The answer is a loud and clear YES. With the most fantastic Pokemon Go location spoofer and the Pokemon Go walking hack around, you can now get those wild Pokemons in one click from the comfort of your own home.

We realize that not every person can dedicate enough time or have enough physical capabilities to explore the distant Pokemon world outside. This is why these neat gadgets have revolutionized the game experience for many gamers. Through this concept of location spoofing, you can be at different locations, hatch eggs, and even battle in gyms without leaving your couch.

How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving on iOS?

Are you tired of the fact that you must move physically to progress in your favorite Pokemon GO game? Don’t you want to know how to spoof Pokemon Go? Well, worry no more! With iAnyGo iOS App, we are committed to revolutionizing how you play by setting a new standard for mobile games. This highly innovative app is an incredible tool, functioning as a mighty Pokemon Go location spoofing tool and Pokemon Go walking hack.

From  iAnyGo iOS App, you can easily change your location on an iOS device with one simple click. Imagine that you would be able to teleport to any desired destination on Earth and obtain rare mons while playing Pokemon from your own place. No more sacrificing your comfort or time –  iAnyGo iOS App brings the adventure to you. You can easily spoof in Pokemon Go without computer!

  • Change your GPS location on devices with just a single click, enabling you to move anywhere in games without physically walking.
  • Share fake locations on social media apps, giving you complete control over your virtual presence.
  • Protect your privacy by hiding your real location on iOS and Android devices.
  • Seamlessly change your GPS location for game apps like Pokemon GO, allowing you to catch rare Pokemon from anywhere.
  • Mock your location’s direction when playing games, making your movements appear natural and realistic.
  • Initiate the automatic movement with a single click and change the direction in real-time.
  • Set any direction within a 360-degree range, with options to move forward or backward.
  • Create and follow customized routes tailored to your gaming needs.
  • Reduce the risk of account bans by avoiding frequent location changes with a built-in cooldown timer.
  • Let  iAnyGo iOS App plan the best simulated moving routes based on your desired destination.

Steps to Play Pokemon Go without Moving on iOS

You can’t install iAnyGo iOS App directly on your iPhone. First, download and install the iAnyGo assistant program on a computer. Then, you’ll install the iAnyGo iOS app on your iPhone using this computer program.

Part 1: iAnyGo iOS App Installation Guide:

  • On your computer, locate and click the download link to install the iAnyGo iOS assistant.
  • Open the iAnyGo iOS assistant and sign in with an Apple ID (it doesn’t have to be your iPhone’s ID).
  • Plug the iOS device into the PC using a USB cable, and after that, click “Install iAnyGo iOS app.” Now tap “Trust” on the iPhone to trust the PC.

Part 2: Set up VPN Configuration with IP Finder App:

  • Launch the new iAnyGo iOS app. The IP Finder App is installed alongside it. Tap “Change Location,” which will open the iAnyGo IP Finder.
  • Allow VPN configs by tapping “Allow” and entering your passcode. Tap “Configured” > “Open.” Now, use  iAnyGo iOS App to spoof your location.

With these steps, you’ll be able to use  iAnyGo iOS App as a powerfulPokemon Go location spoofer on your iOS device, allowing you to catch them all without physically moving.

How to Change GPS Location?

  • Launch  iAnyGo iOS App on your iPhone, then use the search box above to find the location or coordinates you wish to go to. You can also choose a location on the map.
  • Hit the Change Location button, which is the first one at the bottom right. The your location was  changed successfully.

How to use the Joystick Movement?

  • To enter joystick mode, tap the fourth button from the bottom right.
  • Adjust the movement speed. To adjust the speed at which you want to move, drag the slider. You can select the speed at which to drive, walk, or cycle.
  • Tap the button with the triangle icon to start moving.
  • To flexibly adjust the direction in 360 degrees while moving, press the button inside the circle.
  • It is also possible to exit joystick mode by tapping the exit button.

How to Play Pokemon Go without Moving on Android

Are you an Android user and a great Pokemon Go player who wants to learn how to play Pokemon Go without walking? OK, get yourself set to the greatest Pokemon Go location spoofer known as the iAnyGo Android app! This excellent application will enable you to deceive the game into thinking that you are walking, and as a result, you’ll be able to catch them all while staying warm on the sofa. Using iAnyGo Android App, you can easily play Pokemon Go without computer!

Setting up the iAnyGo Android App is a breeze! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be ready to embark on your virtual Pokemon adventure in no time:

  • First, head to the Google Play Store and download the iAnyGo Android App.  You can browse and select any location for your Pokemon Go adventures here. Simply click on the first button to set your spoofed location.
  • Launch Pokemon Go and verify your location has been successfully changed! And you can use its joystick movement, multi – spot movement, single – spot movement.

The entire Pokemon Go realm is placed within easy access by the iAnyGo Android App. Experience various areas, sometimes capture rare Pokemon, and perfectly take over gyms just staying at home. Simply remember to use the app in moderation so that you can enjoy your virtual touring!

FAQs about How to Play Pokemon GO without Moving

1. How do you change your location on Pokemon GO for free?

You can use VPN to change your location in Pokemon Go for free. However, it won’t allow you move in Pokemon Go without walking.

2. Can Niantic detect spoofing?

While Niantic, the company behind Pokemon GO, has executed measures to recognize and prevent cheating, numerous reliable spoofing apps are designed to mimic natural player movements as well as behaviors. By using a reliable Pokemon Go location spoofer solution and following best practices, you can considerably reduce the risk of detection and enjoy the game without interruptions.

3. What is the safest spoofing app for Pokemon Go?

While no Pokemon Go location spoofer app can guarantee 100% safety, paid apps like iAnyGo are among the safest options. They often have built-in cooldown timers, route simulations, and other features designed to mimic natural player movements and reduce the risk of detection.

4. How to walk around in Pokemon Go without actually walking around?

A Pokemon Go location spoofer or a “walking hack” will make Pokemon GO think you are moving physically, walking around while staying in one place. An application like iAnyGo will imitate your movement while playing the game.

5. How do you hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without walking?

Pokemon Go location spoofer apps provide a solution for hatching eggs in Pokemon GO without walking. By simulating movement, these apps can trick the game into registering the required distance for your eggs to hatch.             

Final Words

Thanks to innovative solutions, such as iAnyGo iOS App and iAnyGo Android App, the childhood fantasy of becoming the Pokemon Master without moving a finger is now within reach. With the help of this powerful device, you can discover the mechanism of how to play Pokemon Go without walking.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace the power of how to move in Pokemon Go without walking and let the excitement of how to play Pokemon Go without limitations take over. iAnyGo iOS App and iAnyGo Android App open up a world of opportunity, allowing you to adapt to the game and conquer the Pokemon world, one step at a time. Start to spoof Pokemon GO without computer now!

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