165+ Nice to Hear from You Reply (Good to Hear from You)

Good to Hear That Reply: When the pandemic hit, our social and personal lives were turned upside down. Man is a social animal; the concept of society and the need for companionship was ingrained in our DNA long before we knew what the word social, DNA, company or even words meant.

nice to hear from you

Some would argue that even during the pandemic we could, for all intents and purposes, meet another person. The only thing lacking was physical contact, or so we thought.

Although physical contact was a significant barrier, let’s not say that it was the only one. At the end of the day, even after all the video calls and conference meetings, people still went to bed alone and woke up alone in the mornings. These little things tend to take a toll on a person after a while.

We’re not talking about the mental toll, although it is still an issue to be addressed and discussed. We’re talking about people’s social skills and how they’ve taken a big hit when they were not used. Even the people considered outgoing and extroverted came out of the pandemic a little bit nervous and out-of-sorts.

So, to help people who have lost touch with their stellar social skills, today we’ll discuss how to respond to the phrase nice to hear from you depending on the relationship between the two of you and many other deciding factors.

165+ Nice to Hear from You Reply

There are hundreds of ways to respond to a simple phrase, but there are many deciding factors to consider here. What was their tone when they said that to you? Did it seem sarcastic? Moreover, it also depends highly on how you feel about that phrase and the person saying it. Are they one of your good friends? Or is it someone that you dislike? How did you feel about reaching out to them again?

More importantly, do you want to meet them again? If yes, do you want to be the one to initiate the next step, or do you want them to do it? If you want them to do it, do you think they need to be told that, or will they get the hint themselves?

Don’t worry; we won’t hang you out to dry. In this section, we’ll talk about specific responses that you can use to ensure that you’re in control of the conversation and can communicate your thoughts without feeling at a loss of words.

“It was nice to hear from you, too!”

This response is best for a professional or a polite meeting. Simply returning the phrase with just the tiniest bit of enthusiasm ensures that you don’t appear overeager or rude.

“Aw, thank you for saying that!”

You can respond with this when you feel like being cautious. Anyone will be able to see here that your experience was not as pleasant as theirs. However, you made a choice here to be polite and accept their compliment graciously. Any intelligent person will take the hint here and won’t press the matter anymore.


One-worded statements, in general, are not the most engaging or warming responses. If you’re choosing to send one of these their way, remember that they will catch the hint you’re giving them. In simple words, the lack of enthusiasm and vocabulary used here will show them that not only did you not enjoy this meeting, but you also won’t particularly be looking forward to the next one.

“It was great to hear from you, too. Let’s stay in touch.”

“It was great to hear from you, too. Let’s do this again sometime.” 

These responses were for when you enjoyed their company, in which case you can seal the next meeting before this one’s finished. But saying either of these will make the other person think that you enjoyed their company, so be careful not to mislead them.

However, keep in mind that you haven’t done anything yet except show them that you want to do it again. You haven’t given any specifics about whose court the ball is in, so neither one of you are under the obligation to hit the other one up.

“Yes, it was nice to hear from you, as well. Call me if you want to do this again sometime.”     

By saying this, you’ve given them control over any and all future meetings. However, if their nice to hear from you felt genuine to you, then go right ahead. This way, you can check if they meant what they said.

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