How to Leave a Viber Group Without Anyone Knowing

Have you ever found yourself drowning in a sea of notifications from a wildly active Viber group? Or perhaps you’ve been part of a group where members write nonsense. All this leaves you wondering why you’re even there.

leave a viber group without anyone knowing

Sadly, if reading this led you to say, “Yes, relatable,” then we’re sailing the same boat. There’s a constant urge to get away from the irrelevant chatter, right?

In this blog, we’ll explore leaving a Viber group without anyone knowing. Come on, you don’t want to make things awkward by publicly announcing your exit! Let’s dive right in and get the answers.

How to Leave a Viber Group Without Anyone Knowing?

Being part of a Viber group often feels a little public, right? After all, one text reaches so many members.

You know what’s the tricky part? Leaving a group can be a bit stressful because everyone gets notified. Yes, there isn’t an easy way to leave quietly from a group.

Viber notifies everyone when someone leaves. Once you leave, suddenly members of the group start asking questions. But don’t worry; we’ll figure out how to handle this without causing a buzz.

Method 1: You can Block Instead

Blocking group admins can happen for a lot of different reasons. For instance, many of us might think the group admins have too much power.

Moreover, disputes will surely arise when you disagree with the admin’s viewpoint. This is another reason many block the admins.

All you want is to avoid confrontations inside the group. So, instead of confronting the stress head-on, a lot of us choose to use the blocking option to distance ourselves.

This method will work out if you don’t get along with the Viber group admin. If the group has many admins, you must go to each of their chats and block them individually.

Viber doesn’t inform the people that you have blocked them. This feature will stop admins from knowing they have been blocked.

The best thing about blocking someone is that you can’t get in touch with them or get messages from them. This means that if you don’t have a good relationship with the admin, you won’t need to explain anything to them.

Interested to know how to block someone on Viber? Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Launch the Viber app on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on the Contacts option at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Scroll to the person you want to block.

Step 4: Now, move to the Contact Info screen.

Step 5: Do you see the Three-Dot icon at the top right corner? Please click on it to continue.

Step 6: There’s an option to Block. Select it.

Tip: Go to settings and select privacy to unblock the individual anytime. You can view the contacts you blocked here. To unblock a contact, simply navigate to that person and select the unblock option.

Method 2: Disable the Viber Notifications

Have you ever had so many Viber notifications that you just needed a break? Disabling notifications on Viber is like taking a vacation from the never-ending stream of chats. You no longer have to rush to use the app every time someone messages you.

When you disable the app’s notifications, you won’t receive any alerts from the concerned group. So, you don’t necessarily have to leave the group but this works too if you were just annoyed with the messages.

However, the drawback is that you won’t get any messages at all, neither from people in your contact nor from other groups you may be a part of. Thus, remember to check Viber frequently to avoid missing any important messages.

You may stop the app notification by going to the Viber app’s settings on your phone and selecting it. The steps differ according to the phone model you are using.

Method 3: Switch Your Phone Number

If you want a new phone number, this method is for you. You can transfer all your old contacts to your new number after you get one. However, it doesn’t always follow that you must join every group you were a part of.

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