How to Know if Snap is Sent Only to You

When it comes to visual-centric social media platforms, there are two such platforms that are highly trending these days: Snapchat and Instagram. But if you had to ask which one was of a more private nature, the former would undoubtedly win. After all, while Instagram believes in users sharing their content with a broader and broader audience, Snapchat promotes one-on-one sharing more vigorously. This is also why your snapstreak with individual users holds more value here than your collective snapscore.

know if snap is sent only to you

In this era of over-sharing little moments of your life with everyone, if you’re an old-school conservative who still enjoys one-on-one interactions, Snapchat is bound to be your go-to social platform.

But while on Snapchat, what question pesters you most often? Whether or not someone sent a snap only to you? Well, luckily, that’s the question we’re about to break down here today. Stick with us till the end to know all about it!

How to Know if Snap is Sent Only to You

We understand that you’re here to find a way of knowing if a snap was sent only to you or others as well, and we are prepared with several tricks and tips that can help you find a definite answer below:

Was the color of the snap you received blue?

Snapchat is a colorful platform, where the color of a snap you receive can tell you a lot about its nature. Red snaps are of picture-snaps, while purple ones symbolize videos. But what does a blue snap indicate? Well, it refers to either a text or a snap sent from inside a chat window, which means that it has only been sent to one user alone.

So, if the color of the snap you received is blue, rest assured it is just for your eyes. Whereas in the case of red or purple snaps, there is a possibility for both personal as well as group snaps.

Trick #1: Checking their snapscore

If you’re an avid Snapchat user, we’re certain you’re already familiar with the concept of snapscore; but for the benefit of those who are new here, we’ll happily explain it:

Snapscore is a unique score allotted to every Snapchatter, which is generated using a secret equation. While the exact mechanism of snapscore might be difficult to fathom, it suffices to state that they reflect a user’s activity on the platform.

In other words, the number of snaps that you send and receive gradually increases your snapscore. But how can one’s snapscore tell if the snap they sent you was intended for multiple users? Here’s how:

As soon as you receive a snap you’re suspicious about being sent to multiple users, check the sender’s snapscore before opening it. Do the same after having checked the snap; did you find it growing by one or more? In the latter case, there’s a strong chance that it was indeed sent to users besides you.

However, it’s mere speculation without any hard evidence to support it. So, you can’t hope to be too certain about it.

Trick #2: Checking their story on Snapchat

Do you know the difference between a snap and a story on Snapchat? The first one is sent to user/users individually, while the second one has a broader audience.

Often users upload their snaps as stories so as to avoid sending them to their friends one by one. Uploading stories also has a better impact on one’s snapscore, which is why it is the go-to for new Snapchatters looking to boost their snapscore.

If you’re looking to ensure whether this particular snap has been sent only to you or to others as well, checking the sender’s story to see if the snap was uploaded there is worth the time to safely rule this possibility out.

Trick #3: The content of the snap can also say a lot

When you receive a snap from a close friend or someone you’ve been regularly snapping with, you get a good idea of their snapping tendencies; it isn’t difficult for you to guess which snaps they could have sent to other users and which ones are sent to you alone.

For instance, if they’ve sent you a quirky selfie with a face pack on, it is likely the snap is just for you to see. On the other hand, if it’s a page from the book they’re reading, it could have been for a larger audience.

If it’s a snap with a caption or text, the message written on it is also a good indicator to whom it’s being sent to. If they’ve written something directed at you, it has to be a personal snap. On the other hand, the snap can be directed to a larger group if it has a generic caption like:

How are y’all doing this morning?

Here’s my update, what about you?

Here to brighten your snapfeed!

Trick #4: Got a mutual friend with this user? Ask them

While all the aforementioned tricks work well and fine if you’re someone who always seeks added reassurance, having a mutual friend can be a life savior. Is there one such link between you and the sender of this snap? If so, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Wondering why? It is because now, instead of overthinking about this snap by yourself, you can involve them to get a more certain answer. Simply hit them up with a text asking if they’ve received so-and-so snap from the sender around so-and-so time. Trust us; their answer could really put your mind at ease for good.

Trick #5: Consider taking a direct approach

Did none of the tricks we mentioned above seem to give you a definite answer? Well, we have only one last suggestion for you in that case, but it might or might not be the one you were looking forward to.

We’re talking about taking a more direct approach to solving your dilemma here. If the thoughts of whether this Snapchatter sent a snap just to you or others as well are driving your crazy, why don’t you verify it from the sender themselves?

After all, it’s not like you’re asking them an invalid question that could hurt their dignity or put them in a difficult question: it’s a mere question to alleviate your own worries, a question they’ll answer within a minute. After all, if the question was asked of you, would you have any trouble answering it? Probably not.

Wrapping it up

As we’re ready to wrap things up, we hope to have provided you with the answers you were looking for. Our topic of discussion today was how to figure out if a snap was sent only to you.

While the platform doesn’t send you such specific notifications to make your job easier, there are certain workarounds that can give you a good idea about it. We’ve mentioned all of them above. Is there anything else you’d like our help with on social media? Feel free to tell us in the comments below, and hold tight for the answers!

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