If You Rewatch Facebook Story, Will Your Name Appear First in Viewers List?

There is no turning back once you enter the crazy world of Facebook stories. You have to be ready to get drenched with the cutest and silliest views into people’s lives that will make you laugh out loud. Stories take you to a world of limitless happiness and sometimes wisdom, with both serious quotations and humorous memes. Nowadays, everyone we know is obsessed with them, which is why it’s one of the first things they see when they open the app.

if you rewatch facebook story, will your name appear first in viewers list

However, there are concerns with Facebook’s story feature, and we are here to address one. The burning question at the moment is: Will your name appear first among viewers if you rewatch the Facebook story?

What do you think? You must start reading the blog right now to find out the answers. 

If You Rewatch Facebook Story, Will Your Name Appear First in Viewers List?

Rewatching a story is okay, especially if you liked it, don’t you think? We all are guilty of it! You can enjoy viewing stories for 24 hours before it vanishes since tracking how many times someone watches them is impossible.

Let’s go right to the point: Facebook’s algorithm uses a certain pattern to display the list of story viewers. However, repeatedly watching someone else’s story doesn’t guarantee that your name will be at the top of their list of viewers.

Facebook keeps track of who views your stories each time you share them. So, people can show up at the top if they view your stories religiously every time you post them.

Notably, Facebook does not prioritize those who view your profile to place them at the top of the story viewers list. There are likely many factors at work if you notice that someone’s name keeps appearing at the top of the list when you share a story.

Facebook displays the first 50 or so people who have viewed your story in sequence. Thus, the person who saw it first is listed last among the viewers. Naturally, the most recent viewer will always be at the top, with new names piling up as they are added.

Degree of interaction

Even your best friend won’t be at the top of your story viewers list if you don’t interact with one another. Facebook’s algorithm cannot determine whether you’re close enough to stay on top in such a situation.

You should be aware that interaction or engagement is important on Facebook. However, interactions don’t mean constantly messaging one another over the private chat box.

You must continually tag one another in your posts and comment on each other’s posts whenever you get the chance. Remember, someone might secure the top spot of your best friend when the app detects a decline in your interaction patterns.


Individuals who share your location with you will probably appear at the top of the story viewers list on Facebook. So, have you been staying in one area for a while and seeing certain people at the top? Well, you can check that the order might change if you relocate and update your geo-location on the app.

Your recent Facebook friends

You get thrilled to see a new friend come up in your feeds and stories when you add them to your Facebook friends list, right? There is still a chance, even though that may not be the case for everyone.

Well, Facebook’s algorithm can decide that it is a good idea to show you their stories first and have them at the top of your viewer’s list.

However, you might feel uncomfortable with people viewing your story, particularly if they are your professors or colleagues. You can exclude them from viewing your story in that case so they don’t appear at the top.

Mutual friends

Having mutual friends is common on social media apps like Facebook. You might not even be aware of it, but you can have a lot of mutual friends with someone you’re not even that close with.

Now, we really have a lot of friends in common because almost everyone uses applications like Facebook these days. Finding people who have never used or haven’t heard of the app is a challenging feat in the present age.

Facebook’s algorithm assumes you two share a bong when it notices that you and your best friends have a lot of mutual friends—likely more than any other person. Thus, they can rank you at the top of the story viewers list on their stories.

Verified or popular accounts

Facebook prioritizes popular accounts with plenty of friends and followers or verified accounts, just like most social media platforms. Therefore, chances are you’ll see them at the top of the story order if you have someone on your friend list who fits the descriptions.

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