If You Get Streak Back from Snapchat Support, Will Other Person be Notified?

If you’re between the ages of 13-26, there’s a good chance you’ve recently discovered Snapchat. Designed for internet users like you, Snapchat is a fun and secure platform to connect with your friends. However, unlike Instagram and all other social media platforms on the market, it runs primarily on communication through media instead of chats. We know it sounds contradictory since the younger generation often goes to great lengths to avoid spontaneous meetings. From video calls to apps like BeReal, it’s very obvious that texting is the preferred form of communication for them.

if you get streak back from snapchat support, will other person be notified

But Snapchat’s marketing is so ingenious that it took what Gen Z hates most and made it its Unique Selling Point. As we all know today, it was extremely successful in its endeavor. Although not everyone agrees with its often-perceived-as-unorthodox methods, it does seem to be working just fine.

You see, even though Snapchat runs on snaps that are spontaneous snapshots of the day, they don’t have to be you. Snaps can be anything around you, and even blank snaps can be filled with your creativity. It’s overall an exciting prospect for those who wish to tap into their inner child.

It is called unorthodox in that it basically uses a form of minor addiction to keep its users hooked with streaks. Although streaks seem quite harmless from a distance, they slowly make users obsessed with keeping them going.

Today’s blog will discuss something similar: if you manage to get your streak back from Snapchat Support, will the other person be notified? Stick with us to learn the answer!

If You Get Streak Back from Snapchat Support, Will Other Person be Notified?

So, let’s get you your answer first: if your streak is restored by Snapchat Support, will the other person be notified? The answer to this is no, not exactly. Although they can easily see that the streak has been restored when they open the app, they won’t be notified about it.

Let us first explain what snapstreaks are and whether they are worth your time.

On Snapchat, most of the communication takes place through snaps. When two users exchange snaps for three days straight, a streak is formed. It appears in the form of the fire (🔥) emoji with the number of days right next to it on the user’s contact.

When your snapstreak is about to end, both users will see an hourglass (⏳) emoji warning them that not much time is left. So, all in all, you’ll only break a streak if you don’t open Snapchat for 24 hours straight.

Sounds pretty harmless, right?

Well, the problem is, people tend to get addicted to the thrill of having a long streak. Users have been seen celebrating their streaks with cake cuttings and parties, which is a little excessive. But still, a celebration is a positive thing, so it can’t be attacked.

However, when people lose their streaks, it drives them just as crazy. Fully grown adults who use Snapchat have been emailing Snapchat Support asking for a streak revival. This has officially gotten out of hand, as such a reaction cannot be called anything less than an unhealthy obsession.

So, in our opinion, is it something you can do as a fun activity with your friends? Absolutely. Is it something to stress over, and should you argue with your friends to make them maintain a streak? A strong no and another no.

In fact, the problem got so out of hand that Snapchat had to add Snapstreaks to their Support page. Users who feel their snapstreak broke for some unjustifiable reason can reach out to a support team and describe their issue.

Here’s how to contact Snapchat Support about a broken streak

Step 1: Open Snapchat; you’ll see the Snapchat camera. Tap your profile picture/bitmoji at the screen’s top left.

if you get streak back from snapchat support, will other person be notified

Step 2: This will bring you over to Your Profile. Tap the gear icon at the top right to go to your Settings.

if you get streak back from snapchat support, will other person be notified

Step 3: Scroll down until you find I Need Help under Support and tap on it. You’ll now be directed to a website. You’ll see six options there; tap on Snapstreaks.

if you get streak back from snapchat support, will other person be notified

Step 4: Locate “What if my Snapstreak has gone away but I know we’ve sent a Snap (not Chat) back and forth within the 24-hour window?” and then the Let us know hyperlink.

if you get streak back from snapchat support, will other person be notified

Step 5: You now need to fill out a form with relevant details such as your and your friend’s username, device, and phone number. Keep in mind that one form can only help with one broken streak. If multiple of your streaks have been broken, you’ll have to fill out individual forms for all of them.

if you get streak back from snapchat support, will other person be notified

Now all you have to do is sit tight and hope that Snapchat can fix the issue. But if it does not, you still don’t have much to worry about. After all, it’s not like you have to work hard for a streak. Just send a snap every day and ask them to do the same; the only thing it takes is time.

Snapchat is also preparing to roll out an option where users can recover their streaks using in-app purchases. Although it’s a new feature and isn’t accessible on all devices and regions yet, it will soon be.

For patrons of Snapchat, we’ve got another gift! As you might be aware, the platform has rolled out a premium subscription called Snapchat+. It has multiple elite features like a friendship solar system and an AI bot that can be your friend.

Final thoughts

Snapchat is a highly secure platform, but it can be just as strict. Take, for example, its best feature, which the users have a love-hate relationship with. Snapstreaks are fun, but they can also be upsetting if your partner is known to be inconsistent.

Although it might sound easy, it can be challenging for some to maintain a streak. After all, not everyone has the time to spend on a social media platform every day for a seemingly pointless thing.

But if you’ve gotten that partner to maintain a streak for once, we know it can be upsetting if that streak disappears due to a glitch. Thankfully, Snapchat understands too, and you have the choice to reach out to a team at Snapchat regarding your issue.

But even if Snapchat can’t help you in this instance, we’re sure it won’t be that difficult to create a new streak, right?

If you have any questions regarding this blog, we’re here to help; just reach out in the comments section.

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