If You Add Someone on Snapchat, What Details Can They See of Yours?

In the realm of social media platforms, Snapchat stands out as a unique and innovative platform, having captivated millions worldwide. Known for its spontaneous nature, creative filters, and interactive features, Snapchat has redefined how we communicate and share moments online. Snapchat employs security measures to protect data. End-to-end encryption is used to secure content shared between users, ensuring only the intended recipients can view it. Two-factor authentication, a layer of security that requires users to provide a verification code with their login credentials, is also an option.

if you add someone on snapchat, what details can they see of yours

Beyond privacy and security, Snapchat is renowned for its exciting and interactive elements. The app introduced augmented reality (AR) filters, known as lenses, which overlay fun and dynamic visual effects on users’ faces. Lenses transform the camera into a playground of creative possibilities, allowing users to become playful characters and try various looks.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss exactly which details of yours are visible to a user when you add them as a friend on Snapchat.

If You Add Someone on Snapchat, What Details Can They See of Yours?

Snapchat protects your privacy, and you can decide which details you wish to display on your profile. When you add someone on Snapchat, they can’t see much of your Information except your name, username, and bitmoji.

However, we understand that you must be more curious about what they can see once they’ve added you. Well, thankfully, the list for that is completely different. Read on until this blog’s end to learn all about it!

Here are the details someone sees on your Snapchat profile when they add you back

Now, let’s get to the part you’ve been waiting for! Before moving on, we’d like to mention that Snapchat frequently adds new updates to better suit its users’ convenience.

Display name and username

When you add someone on Snapchat, the first thing they’ll get to see is your display name and username. Your display name is the one you’ve chosen to represent yourself, while your username is the unique identifier that helps others find and add you.

Choosing a display name and username that align with your desired online presence and privacy preferences is important. This is because changing display/user names is slightly weird and often considered off-brand.

Bitmoji and profile picture

If you have set up a Bitmoji avatar or uploaded a profile picture, the person you add will be able to see it.

Bitmoji is a popular feature on Snapchat that allows you to create a personalized avatar. You can give it almost all your features and your amazing fashion sense. Think about it: how fun does it sound to have your character who looks and dresses exactly like you?

Your profile picture, on the other hand, can be a photo of yourself or any other image you choose. These provide a glimpse into your personality and help others you.

Snapchat score

Your Snapchat score is displayed on your profile and indicates your overall activity and engagement on the platform. It reflects the total number of snaps you have sent and received and other factors like stories viewed and messages exchanged.

When you add someone on Snapchat, they can see your score, giving them an idea of your level of involvement and activity within the app. Don’t worry; it doesn’t always mean “this person spends their whole day on Snapchat.” It can also mean, “wow, they’ve been using Snapchat for a really long time now.”

Best friends

Snapchat’s Best Friends feature displays a list of the people you interact with most frequently on the platform. The frequency and intensity of your interactions determine the order of the list.

Many users have requested to be able to set their #1 Best Friend regardless of their engagement levels, and they’ve finally got that in Snapchat+.

When you add someone on Snapchat, they can potentially see if you are listed as one of their best friends. However, in recent updates, Snapchat has changed the Best Friends feature, making it less prominent and more private.

Snapchat stories

A core feature of Snapchat is the ability to share stories, a collection of photos and videos that your friends can view for a limited period. When you add someone on Snapchat, they can view your public stories, provided you haven’t customized your privacy settings to restrict access to specific friends or groups.

Your stories offer glimpses into your daily life, experiences, and adventures, allowing others to engage with your content and understand who you are.

Messaging and snaps

After adding someone on Snapchat, you can message and send snaps: photos or videos that can be viewed for a limited time before disappearing. It’s essential to exercise caution and respect when communicating with others on Snapchat, as the content you share can have a lasting impact.

Snap Map

Snap Map is an optional feature that allows you to share your location with your Snapchat friends and see their whereabouts. If you’ve enabled Snap Map and added someone on Snapchat, they’ll potentially see your location if you haven’t customized your privacy settings to limit visibility. Reviewing and adjusting your Snap Map settings according to your comfort level and privacy preferences is important.

Mutual friends and contacts

When you add someone on Snapchat, they can see if you have mutual friends or contacts. This can happen if both of you have allowed Snapchat access to your phone contacts or have connected your Snapchat accounts with other social media platforms.

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