If Someone Reposts Your Instagram Story, Can Someone You Blocked See It?

Sharing is caring – a proverb that works well in a diverse range of situations, including the world of social media. Since the introduction of stories on various platforms, many users believe in sharing the successes, achievements, and special moments of their loved ones on their own stories as well – as a gesture of their love and adoration. For instance, if you landed a dream college or job, all the other members of your family will share it on their own stories as well – to celebrate your joy and tell the world how proud they are of you.

if someone reposts your instagram story, can someone you blocked see it

But is there any circumstance where this generous sharing can become problematic? Only when someone unwanted ends up seeing it. In this blog, we aim to discuss this very concern: of people you have blocked seeing your stories when they’re reposted. Sit tight till the end to get all your answers!

How does reposting your Instagram story work?

Before we get to the bottom of your query, we’d first like to tell you a little about how the reposting feature of this visual-centric platform works.

We know some of you might feel like it’s obvious and unnecessary, but trust us with it: there are nuances to reposting Instagram story that you might not know yet. Want to verify if we’re right or not? Keep reading!

There are two kinds of sharing actions that come under the umbrella of story-reposting on Instagram, and we’ll look at them both below:

#1: Reposting an Instagram story that you’re mentioned in

The first, more direct kind, is when someone tags or mentions you on their Instagram story. This gives you access to sharing it as your own story.

Sharing a story that you’re mentioned in is quite straightforward. The option to do so lies right at the bottom-center section of the story itself – a white Add to Your Story button.

Alternatively, you can also do this from your DMs section. All you need to do is open your chat with this user, and you’ll find the notification of them having mentioned you in the story right there, followed by the thumbnail of the story and an Add to Your Story button.

Reposting a story that you’re mentioned in is a more flexible action of the two, because it is inclusive of both private and public accounts, unlike the one we’ll talk about below.

#2: Reposting someone’s post as your Instagram story

Now, this is the second kind of story sharing, quite popular on Instagram. While this isn’t technically “reposting someone’s story,” most users perceive it as the same, which is why we include it here.

Sharing someone’s post to your story is an underrated but genius way of promoting their content among your followers. However, it does come with certain rules attached to it.

These rules are based on the differentiation between a private and a public account. If you want to share the post of a public account user as your story, you can do so without any issues. However, for the privacy concerns of private accounts, Instagram doesn’t allow you to share their posts as your story.

This is because sharing their post on your story will make it visible to all your followers, while as private account users, they’ve chosen to share their posts with ONLY their own followers. So, you get why there are restrictions assigned to this feature.

If Someone Reposts Your Instagram Story, Can Someone You Blocked See It?

We hope we caught you up with all you needed to know about reposting stories on Instagram above. Now, let’s get to the question that has been bothering you all this while: If someone reposts your Instagram story, can someone you blocked see it?

The answer is: No, they can’t. This is regardless of whether the person sharing your story has a private or public account.

As soon as the blocked by you opens any story that is a repost of your content – be it story or post – all they’ll see is a grey screen with This story is unavailable written in the center of the screen.

So, if you were worried about someone you blocked being able to see your content just because someone reposted it, you can rest easy now. Instagram has got you covered!

How to prevent others from reposting your Instagram story?

With all that being said, we understand why some users might want to avoid their stories – or posts from being reposted on Instagram altogether. After all, it’s your profile, and you deserve all the privacy you want to maintain.

If that’s what you want to accomplish, switching to a private account is your safest bet. Once you have a private account, other users are already restricted from reposting your reels or posts as story. And as far as reposting your story is concerned, only the people/pages you mention on these can share them.

In other words, if you don’t tag or mention anyone, it would practically be unrepostable.

The bottom line

With this, we’re ready to wrap things up for the day. Would you like a quick summary of our discussion above before we take your leave? Here you go:

We began our discussion by understanding how reposting stories work on Instagram and looked at two different ways users repost stories here. Then, we moved on to answer the query of whether or not someone you blocked would be able to see your content if it was reposted by someone else. The answer to it was they wouldn’t.

Towards the end, we briefly talked about how you can avoid your content from being reposted on the platform, the key to which lies in switching to a private account. Is there any other story-related query you’d like to clarify for you? Share it with us in the comments below!

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