If Someone Hides Their Story on Instagram, Can You See Their Highlights?

Social media influencers and content creators are all the hype on social media right now, and there are several reasons behind this. Firstly, Gen Z and Alpha just spent two years quarantined with absolutely no real social life and full access to anything and everything online. And even though there are thousands of niched platforms, activities, games to play, and videos to see online, they got bored and returned to the basics: the top social media platforms. After all, there’s a reason why they’re at the top, right?

if someone hides their story on instagram, can you see their highlights

These top platforms included Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, where the most recent and mainstream content flowed at all times. While the majority of the users were content with consuming the media, someone has to create it, right? This is where the influencers and creators stepped in.

Let us first just tell you the difference between content creators and influencers. While both terms are used synonymously, there’s a small difference.

Influencers are people who’re largely liked and followed for the content they post, but it’s generally just snapshots of their daily life. It’s glamorous, and people like it, but can it be called content creation if you’re just posting a picture of your newest, most expensive hair salon?

Content creators are people who create something specific with a target audience. It could be comedy, music, art, gym hacks and tips, and tutorials on anything. Their content gives them popularity, after which they’re basically influencers. Still, their content is what brings them up, and they mostly continue their creation.

Influencers are essentially the social media elite whose advice other people, especially the younger people, would want to take.

Back to the point, one of the main factors that helped these influencers and creators gain popularity is the stories feature on Instagram. We know what we’re saying sounds a bit far-fetched but bear with us.

It looks spammy if a user posts ten times a day, right? But it’s also good marketing to appear at least thrice on your target audience’s feeds daily.

Moreover, influencers generally need to post pictures of their Jimmy Choo shoes, Starbucks lattes, and Chanel mascaras. And while they all sound aesthetic, they don’t look as good on a profile grid.

So, how can you have it both ways?

That’s what stories are for! You can post something really cool and insignificant, but it won’t directly ambush your audience’s feed. They can look for it, but it will disappear in 24 hours.

However, sometimes our stories are way too good just to disappear, in which case you can even add them to your highlights.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss if you can see a user’s highlight when they’ve hidden their story from you. We’ll also talk about a few related topics, so stick with us until the end!

If Someone Hides Their Story on Instagram, Can You See Their Highlights?

To answer your question, yes, you can see the highlights of a person that has hidden their Instagram story from you. Highlights are a profile feature, and there’s no option to hide them from someone on Instagram.

if someone hides their story on instagram, can you see their highlights

There are two glaringly obvious exceptions to this rule:

If they’ve blocked you, or they have a private account, and you don’t follow them, you won’t be able to see their highlights.

If they upload a story for their close friends list excluding you, you also wouldn’t see the highlight they make from that story.

if someone hides their story on instagram, can you see their highlights

Here’s how to know if someone’s hidden their Instagram story from you

Let’s say one of your best friends fought with you, and now they’ve hidden their story from you. Whatever they might have done, they’re still your friend, right? It hurts to know that they’ve hidden their story from you.

First, you should ensure that they’ve hidden their story before thinking too much or doing something about it.

While there isn’t a definitive way to find out if they’ve blocked you on your own, you can find that out with just a little help.

All you need to do is ask a mutual friend to tell you the next time the friend you fought with uploads a story. When they do, check if you can see it from your account, too. And if you can’t, well, you already know what that means.

Another way to find out if someone has hidden their story from you is to check their highlights. Although this process won’t tell you a definite ‘no, they haven’t hidden their story from you,’ it can give you a ‘yes, they have hidden their story from you.’

Confused? Let us explain.

Another way to know if someone has hidden their story from you is to check their highlight. Since they cannot hide a highlight from you, any stories that they add to a highlight will be visible to you.

However, if you don’t see anything new in their highlights, it doesn’t mean they haven’t hidden their story. It just means that they’ve not yet chosen to add it to their highlights.

In the end

As we end this blog, let us recap all that we’ve talked about today.

You can still see their highlights even if someone has hidden their story from you. However, you won’t be able to see it if it’s only shared with their close friends and you’re not on their close friends list.

Also, although it goes without saying, their highlights won’t be visible to you if they have a private account and you don’t follow them or if they’ve blocked you.

If our blog has helped you, don’t forget to tell us all about it in the comment below!

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