If I View Someone’s Snapchat Story and Then Block Them, Will They Know?

POV: You just had an argument with someone on Snapchat. Not a common argument, but a serious issue that can’t be forgotten so easily. You are mad at them. You start thinking about what you must do to get rid of the person once and forever. And in a few milliseconds, you are thinking of blocking them. “Yes,” you think, “that would be the best option to cut them off my Snapchat forever.”

if i view someone’s snapchat story and then block them, will they know

Just as you have made up your mind and arrive at the profile screen of your friend, you notice something—a blue circle around the profile picture of the person. Now, if you have been using Snapchat for a while, you know that the blue circle means an unseen story.

And that’s when you get caught in a fix.

Somewhere in a hidden corner of your mind, a curiosity starts taking root. The curiosity of seeing that unseen story. The curiosity of seeing their last story before you block them and the story is lost forever. You remember the argument.

You get confused. And you eventually land on this blog, reading your own story, and thinking about what you should do.

Should you see the story and block the friend immediately after? If you do that, will they see your name on the list of story viewers? Will they know that you saw their story just after fighting with them? That would really be weird, if not embarrassing.

Let’s discover what actually happens when you view someone’s Snapchat story just before blocking them.

Here’s what we did:

We were just as curious as you (probably more) to know what happens if you view someone’s Snapchat and then block them. But due to so many different and confusing answers out there on the internet, we thought hard and found another way to know the correct answer.

We used two Snapchat accounts and posted a story from the first account. From the second account, we viewed the story and then blocked the first account to see what happened.

In fact, we did a lot of experimenting with these two accounts to know the answers to several related questions. And the results were just as we expected. We got more clarity on how Discord works and how everything is interconnected.

Now, it’s time for us to share everything with you.

If I View Someone’s Snapchat Story and Then Block Them, Will They Know?

When you view someone’s story on Snapchat, your name appears on the list of story viewers, and the story uploader can see your name if they open the story and swipe up.

But when you block someone on Snapchat– or most other social media platforms, for that matter– it is like a hard reset of your relationship. You cease to be friends. Your chats disappear. You can’t see each other’s stories. But on top of all that, you two can’t find or see each other anywhere on the app. Or in other words, Snapchat renders both of you invisible to each other.

If you view the person’s story, your view is recorded and saved on Snapchat’s servers and becomes visible to the user. But when you block the person afterward, you become invisible to them. And therefore, they do not see your name when they swipe up on their story.

But then, what do they see?

Since your view has been recorded, it will be included in the view count. But on swiping up, the person will see the text “+1 other” at the bottom of the viewers list instead of your name.

If they had not seen your name on the list before you blocked them, they wouldn’t be able to know that the +1 other was indeed you. But if they had seen you on the list before you blocked them, they might easily notice your absence on the list.

But it’s a bit different on the other side:

If you view someone’s story and block them later, your name disappears from the list of story viewers. But if we change the roles of the viewer and uploader, the result is not the same.

If the person had seen your story before you blocked them, you would still be able to see their name on the list of your story viewers.

Unlike what happens on the blocked user’s account, the blocker (you) can see the name of the user you have blocked. You can swipe on your story and see the name of the blocked users under the heading Other Snapchatters if they see your story.

What if you unblock them later?

If your mind changes after a while and you wish to unblock the user you had blocked earlier, you might want to know if you’ll become visible again on the person’s story viewers list.

In this case, you don’t need to worry. You will remain invisible on the story even after you unblock the user later. Even after you unblock them, they will still see +1 other in the place of your name. You will remain visible.

However, things will change if you add the person as a friend or if they add you as a friend. When either of you adds the other again, the spell will be broken, and you will become visible again. No matter who adds whom first, you will become visible nevertheless.

Wrapping it up

So, that’s nearly the end of our discussion. We are sure that after going through everything we have shared above, you will be much more informed about Snapchat and its features.

If you want to block someone after seeing their story on Snapchat, you don’t need to worry, as your name becomes invisible as soon as you block the person. Even if you unblock them later, your name remains invisible as long as you are not friends.

So, the next time you want to block a Snapchatter but want to see their unseen story one last time, you know what to do.

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