If i Unfollow Someone on Instagram Will My Likes on Their Post Disappear?

Ever felt an overwhelming desire to unfollow someone on Instagram? Either their posts have become boring, or you are no longer thrilled to see them on your feed. We think we’ve all encountered this issue in our Instagram journey. Unfollowing someone is hassle-free, but we’re interested to know what happens when you do so.

if i unfollow someone on instagram will my likes on their post disappear

If I unfollow someone on Instagram will my likes on their post disappear? Has this question been bugging you? Well, you’re not alone in dealing with such questions in your head. We’re all in the same boat.

It’s high time we address the question, don’t you think? Let’s get going.

If I Unfollow Someone on Instagram Will My Likes on Their Post Disappear?

Just to set the record straight, unfollowing someone on Instagram does not result in the removal of your likes. Even your comments will remain there under the person’s post! So, if you want the likes or even the comments to be erased, you must unlike the posts and delete the comments yourself.

Obviously, we like posts from public pages or accounts that we don’t often follow. So, if you can do that, it doesn’t make sense that your likes are going to disappear just because you decided one lovely morning to unfollow someone.

To be clear, like or comments only disappear when someone is blocked! We hope that answers your question. Why don’t you look at the section below to find out how to unfollow someone on Instagram?

How to unfollow someone on Instagram?

Ever been hesitant to hit that unfollow button because you thought Instagram would snitch on you? There’s no need to feel embarrassed; we’ve all thought of such things at some point.

However, what if we told you there is no need for hesitation? You did really read correctly.

Nobody on Instagram is notified when you unfollow them! That’s not the way it works for them on the gram.

You’re pleased to hear this, right? Now that you are aware that Instagram does not tell on you, why don’t you find out how to unfollow users on the platform?

Steps to unfollow someone on Instagram:

Step 1: Log in to your Instagram account to open it.

Step 2: Once you’ve entered your account, navigate to the person’s profile.

To do so, use the Instagram search icon located in the bottom navigation bar to manually look for the person’s profile. You can also tap on your profile icon at the lower right corner to enter your profile page.

There, you’ll see your following tab. Click on it to find the person you wish to unfollow.

Step 3: Upon reaching the target user’s profile, tap the following button.

Step 4: The screen displays a menu list. Select Unfollow from that list, and you’re done.

We’re happy you figured out how to unfollow someone! We will explore many indicators that suggest someone has unfollowed you. Does it sound right? Let’s go on to the next portions if you’ve been searching for someone to offer you some tips.

Signs that someone unfollowed you on Instagram

You’re suspicious someone unfollowed you on Instagram? How did you come up with that conclusion? We’re sure there must be a reason!

Well, let’s clear the air around the signs to know that someone has unfollowed you! Instagram might not notify you, but you can know that someone has taken this action on you.

Are you ready to learn about those few signs? Follow the upcoming sections.

Sign 1: Check your Instagram followers list

When you accuse someone of unfollowing you on Instagram, is there a name that comes to mind? There must be a rationale for your thinking if that is how you feel. Half of the work is done if you can immediately think of a name.

You now visit your Instagram profile page and look at the tab for followers. Isn’t it more convenient to search for a name using the search icon in the tab? Why don’t you utilize that feature to look for the username of the person you are targeting?

What happened? Did the name appear or not?

If it did, it doesn’t matter since they are still your followers. However, if Instagram shows you no search results when you type in the name, that means the person is no longer one of your followers.

Sign 2: Have you cross-verified the target user’s following list?

Please take immediate action if you haven’t! You’ve answered the question half of the way if you can’t find the person’s name on your list of followers.

You could question why we say halfway! Well, issues can still prevent us from seeing the individual! Do you not believe it is possible? Is that correct?

Why not simply check to see if your name is in the target user’s list of followers to cross-verify the fact? To do that, navigate to the user’s Instagram profile and click on their list of followers.

Enter your name in that search bar! If your name doesn’t appear on the search result, they may have unfollowed you.

Sign 3: Bring a third-party app to your rescue

Many users highly favor third-party applications that alert users when someone unfollows them on Instagram. Yes, we’re using a lot of such applications right now.

Where do you find them? It’s really easy to learn about those applications! Just Google it. You’ll see a number of applications appear on the website if you search for terms like “unfollowers app Instagram” or “best third-party apps to know who unfollowed you on Instagram.”

Now that you’ve chosen the app, you should install it from the App Store or Google Play Store. See that you are logged into the app to see who has unfollowed you.

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