If I Delete My Whatsapp Account, Will it Leave Notification in Group Chats?

It’s often believed that humans, in this age and date, are living a very self-centric life. But it’s just as true as it is false. While some might call humans selfish, they’re also one of the most self-conscious breeds, often putting more emphasis on their image than self. Take a simple instance of death, for example. Have you ever thought how others would react if you died. We bet a majority of you have done that, and it makes sense to. Now, what would be an equivalent of death on social media? The deletion or deactivation of one’s account, right?

if i delete my whatsapp account, will it leave notification in group chats

In this blog, we’re going to talk about this very concept on WhatsApp, and discuss all its nuances at length. If you’ve ever thought about doing it yourself, you’re going to be well-prepared for it by the end of the blog.

What happens when you delete your WhatsApp account?

For someone who has been using WhatsApp for even a couple of months, it’s easy to apprehend small actions like muting chats, creating groups, and uploading stories on WhatsApp. But do you also know everything about deleting your WhatsApp account?

Well, that’s something that’s new to a lot of users here. After all, it’s not every day that you wake up and decide to delete your account for no good reason. Allow us to familiarize you with deleting your account on WhatsApp.

The first change that takes place as soon as you delete your WhatsApp account is the irrevocable disappearance of all your WhatsApp data; your chats, voice notes, pictures, videos, documents, links, all just… poof! Moreover, you can’t even rely on re-downloading the backup from your cloud because all that has been deleted alongside your account as well.

As of now, you have no history of being on WhatsApp whatsoever. And this disappearance is not merely limited to you but also to others on WhatsApp. What we mean here is that your profile picture will disappear, and so will your online status.

They won’t be able to text you, call you, or even see you on the platform. That’s some pretty serious stuff if you think about that. It’s imperative that we remind you to take a step back and re-think this decision well before moving ahead with it.

Alright! Now, let’s proceed further.

Need help deleting your WhatsApp account?

We were wondering if you were curious about the consequences of deleting one’s WhatsApp account because you might be planning to delete your own. Is that so?

If that’s the case, we’re here to extend a helping hand by guiding you through the process of deleting your account on the app. Not many users have experience in this kind of thing, so we’d understand if you didn’t either.

Here’s you go:

Step 1: Navigate the WhatsApp mobile app icon on the menu grid of your smartphone to tap it open.

As the app launches itself, you’ll first land on the chats tab.

Step 2: Navigate the green bar on top of your screen, with WhatsApp written towards the left, and three icons drawn towards the right.

A camera

A magnifying glass

An ellipsis (three dots arranged vertically)

Tap on the third icon here, and a menu will pop up on your screen.

if i delete my whatsapp account, will it leave notification in group chats

Step 3: You’ll find several options on this menu, like Linked devices and Payments. Navigate to the last option on this menu: Settings.

if i delete my whatsapp account, will it leave notification in group chats

Step 4: Upon doing so, you’ll end up in the Settings of your WhatsApp account. There are multiple options listed here, with the first one being: Account with a key icon drawn next to it.

if i delete my whatsapp account, will it leave notification in group chats

From there, you’ll go to the Account tab. There are five options before you, with the last one being Delete my account. Select that option.

if i delete my whatsapp account, will it leave notification in group chats

Step 5: As you move forward, you’ll find the information about the changes that deleting your account will lead to. Following that, you’ll be offered to change your number instead.

At the bottom, you’ll be asked to enter your country code and phone number and hit on the red Delete my account button. Once you’re done, your account will have been successfully deleted.

if i delete my whatsapp account, will it leave notification in group chats

If I delete my WhatsApp account, will it leave notification in group chats?

At last, we come to answer the final question that you’re here to learn about: the impact of deleting your WhatsApp account on your group chats.

Will they be notified of your leave? Or will you continue to exist as a group member after you’re gone? The former is the answer.

As soon you delete your account, all groups that you were a member or admin of will receive a notification that you’ve left the group. This notification will be timelessly lodged as a part of the group chat.

However, they will not be told about the reason for your leave. All they’ll know is that you left. Therefore, you might want to clarify that before deleting your account.

Wrapping things up

With this, we’re ready to wrap our blog up. Would you like to leave with a small takeaway of our learnings of the day?

We began by talking about the nuances of deleting one’s WhatsApp and the changes it brings about; only to find out that it changes just about everything. Your entire existence on WhatsApp is wiped out, which is why it should always be done for a good reason.

Toward the end, we added a guide on how deleting your account works on WhatsApp and the impact it has on your group chats. We hope to have helped solve your query. Tell us what you’d like us to talk about next in the comments below!

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