If I Deactivate My Snapchat Will I Lose My Streaks?

What feature of Snapchat do you enjoy best? We’re certain that everyone has varied preferences, but can we discuss Snap Streaks? This feature makes our everyday interactions more enjoyable and offers a special opportunity to stay in touch with our fellow Snapchat buddies. Isn’t it amazing how some emojis and a number can have such a big influence on people’s lives?

if i deactivate my snapchat will i lose my streaks

People spend a lot of effort maintaining streaks; therefore, losing them is not something anyone wants. However, do you believe deactivating your Snapchat account would result in losing your streaks? Let’s find it out right away.

If I Deactivate My Snapchat Will I Lose My Streaks?

Snapchat offers a deactivation option for those who want to remove their account completely or stay away from the app for a while.

We’ll go right to your question: Will I lose my streaks if I deactivate my Snapchat? Keep in mind that deactivating your Snapchat account won’t automatically remove your streaks.

Let’s make this simpler for you. According to the snap streak rules, you have to send each other snaps within 24 hours. If you reactivate your account and send them a snap within 24 hours, you won’t lose it.

Also, please note that you were mistaken if you believed the timer would stop if you deactivate your account and resume once you reactivate it. It simply doesn’t work that way.

You’ll only ever lose it if you don’t send it within the allotted 24-hour window. The timer keeps going out, so you and your pal must send each other pictures to ensure it doesn’t vanish forever.

Please remember that deleting your account impulsively and for an extended time might harm you more than you would think. After 24 hours, your streaks will be gone, and your account will be permanently deleted after 30 days. Thus, you cannot access any account information, and signing up again is the only option to resume using Snapchat.

Having trouble deactivating your Snapchat account? If yes, you must pay attention to the parts below.

Steps to deactivate your Snapchat account:

Step 1: Tap on your profile image in the top left corner of Snapchat after signing in.

Step 2: Go to Settings from the top right corner and scroll to the Support category.

Step 3: Opt for the I Need Help option.

Step 4: Do you see the Managing my account option on this page? Click on it to proceed.

Step 5: Scroll down to the Snapchat support page and tap the Delete or Reactivate My Account option.

Step 6: You’ll see two options under delete or reactivate my account: How do I delete my Snapchat account, and How do I reactivate my Snapchat account?

You must choose how do I delete my Snapchat account.

Step 7: If you are an Android owner, locate the accounts portal link and follow it.

Step 8: Your Snapchat username is entered by default. Enter your password next, then continue to confirm your activity.

Pro tip: You may always restore your Snapchat account by just logging in using your username and password. The delete account option is conveniently located under Account Actions for iPhone users. So, tap it to delete your account.

Other possible reasons for losing Snap streaks

Reason 1: The user failed to send you the snap within 24 hours

You might be surprised—and with good reason—if you’ve reactivated your Snapchat account, send the snap to your pals, and you’re still losing streaks.

Remember that it takes two to keep a streak going, so if your friend forgets to send you a snap, you will lose the streak. You need to contact your friend and ask them to send you photos if you’re committed to maintaining streaks on the platform.

Reason 2: In-app glitches

In-app glitches and bugs may be a real pain on social network applications and, if unchecked, can lead to lasting damage.

Hence, it’s possible that the bugs are to blame if you log back into the app and discover that you have lost your streak after sending snaps. You can either contact Snapchat support or begin a new streak if this happens.

In the end

Snapchat streaks intensify the fun and engagement of the app. Thoughts like whether we would lose our streaks naturally arise when we need to take brief pauses from the app sometimes.

Well, we have addressed this topic and provided instructions for deactivating your account in the sections above. You should be aware of two more reasons we have mentioned if you have already lost the streaks on the app.

Please feel free to ask more queries in the comments area if you have any. We’ll answer all of them individually! You can visit our website to learn more about Snapchat.

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