If I Block Someone on Instagram Does It Remove My Likes?

If you’ve been using social media for even a month, you’d certainly be familiar with the feature of blocking by now. A quite handy feature for a large number of users, be it to avoid seeing an old friend you’re no longer in touch with, or to get rid of creepy strangers that barge into your DMs unnecessarily. For those who are yet to block someone online, here’s the gist of what it does: it severs all the ties between you two for that specific platform.

if i block someone on instagram does it remove my likes

For instance, if you block someone on Instagram, their name will be stricken out of your Following and Followers lists; they’ll no longer be able to send you a fresh follow request either.

Obviously, this prevents them from seeing your posts, reels, stories, highlights, and any other content you upload on your ‘gram handle. Even the basic details of your profile – like your display picture, bio, and number of posts uploaded – that are visible to non-followers will be hidden from them.

Moving forward, the blocked person will also be restricted from DMing you, or sending you a voice or video call on the platform. We hope this has given you the gist of all the major changes that blocking someone on Instagram can bring about.

However, the crux of the blog you’re about to read isn’t the major changes blocking someone on the platform brings about; here, we’ll be talking about one of the minor consequences of it. Keep reading to find the questions to your answers below.

If I Block Someone on Instagram Does It Remove My Likes?

So far, we’ve already had a lengthy discussion about the consequences of blocking someone on Instagram. But if you’re here to learn about the changes found in your previous dynamics, we’re just getting started.

Before you blocked this person on Instagram, did you two have a strong relationship? The kind where you’re the first one to like their posts; your hearts are constantly fluttering on all their stories, and their posts are scattered throughout their feed?

We understand that kind of friendship and can totally empathize with you if such a precious thing was lost to you, no matter for whatever reason.

And while you can’t change what’s already happened, it’s always wise to consider all aspects of it.

The question we’re going to talk about here: Will blocking someone on Instagram remove all your previous likes from their profile?

The answer is: Yes. Blocking someone on the platform is an action that triggers a full-on removal of your trace from their profile, and vice versa. This includes all your likes and comments on each other’s content as well.

So, there you go. If you blocked someone you wish noon knows you were associated with, you’re safe on Instagram. This is because the action of blocking removes all your likes from their Instagram posts.

What if I unblock them later? Will it restore all the previous likes?

Having clarified your main query above, we’ll now discuss another question that branches out of the last one:

If blocking someone removes all your likes from the content on their profile, what happens if you ever plan to unblock them in the future? Will doing so restore all your lost likes in their pre-designated position? No, it won’t.

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but unblocking is not the antithesis of blocking; at least not in every aspect of the term.

What we’re trying to say here is that unblocking someone will not reverse all the changes blocking them brought about in the first place. For instance, just because they were following you before doesn’t mean you’ll still find them in your Following list now.

The same is true about your likes; their removal was a permanent action that unblocking them will have no effect on. That being said, once you have unblocked them and stared to follow each other again, you can restore all your previous likes on their posts manually.

The bottom line

With this, we’ve reached the end of our blog. We began our discussion by talking about the blocking action on Instagram.

All the consequences and changes the action attracted were looked at briefly, after which we jumped to talking about how it affects your previous likes on their posts.

We hope to have delivered all the answers you were looking for on this front. Is there anything else on Instagram you’d like us to throw some light on? Feel free to share your query with us in the comments section below!

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