Hidden Whatsapp Features You Probably Aren’t Using?

More than a billion people use WhatsApp every month, making it one of the most popular ways to stay in touch. Updates to the app regularly introduce new features, but it’s easy to notice the subtle tweaks and improvements that are designed to make using the app a breeze. We’ve come up with a few secret tricks for WhatsApp that you might not know before.

11 Secret WhatsApp Text Tricks

Many different fonts, styles, and text options are available in WhatsApp to let you express yourself creatively and make your messages stand out. Epic news, holiday greetings, and the like may all benefit from the use of text style tools such as italics, bold, strikethrough, and monospace. Finally, I’ll show you the top WhatsApp typing tips and tricks you can start using right now.

1. Bold, Italicise, And Strikethrough

You may use boldface in your content. You just need to put a * in front of and after your text. Don’t separate the * and the letter with a space. To make your typefaces italic, just use the underscore symbol (_text_) at the beginning and end of each phrase, as you would with bold.WhatsApp users often use strikethrough for intended puns, but it is also a useful tool for text edits when writing online guides, articles, or creating mind maps. Use the tilde symbol (text) at the beginning and conclusion of your text to indicate a strikethrough.

WhatsApp now has a monospace font style, making it possible to create messages with a predetermined width. These WhatsApp texting tips come in handy when exchanging technical calculations or lines of code. It will be easier to tell unique pieces of material apart from the others. Put three backticks (”’text”’) before and after your statement without any spaces in between.

2. Turn off Read Receipts for All Others

The Blue Tick is a new feature on WhatsApp that lets users know when their messages have been successfully delivered and read. However, it has also led to rifts in families and professional problems for those who choose to ignore a Blue Tick. Disabling WhatsApp’s Read Recipient option is one way to rein in the rage. Just go to Account > Settings > Privacy > Find out Who Got It. By doing this, not only will your contacts not be able to see your blue ticks, but neither will you be able to see theirs. The Read Recipient function cannot be used for a single individual, unlike custom alerts. Even if you read the message, the sender would only see two black ticks.

3. Mark Important Contacts with a Pin

In most cases, just one or a small number of people’s words have the greatest weight. Important conversation threads shouldn’t be buried under a deluge of unread messages. Simply launch WhatsApp, press and hold the chat thread of the contact without opening it, and the contact will be pinned to the top of your list. A new toolbar will appear on the window’s green border. To permanently pin the conversation to the top of the list, click the pin’s first icon.

4. Export Chat Logs

You may preserve a conversation thread with a particular someone by emailing it to yourself or someone else, or by downloading it to Drive. To send a message, open the conversation, hit the three dots, choose More, and finally select Send.Copy Chat. This will provide you with the freedom to export your conversation history to any number of places.

5. Share Sections of Messages While Typing

If you’re having trouble with a specific section of a WhatsApp message and want to verify it with someone else without copying and pasting or taking screenshots, you may do it immediately from inside the app. WhatsApp’s native setting strip, where you’ll find this handy typing trick, is accessible by touching and holding the text portion you wish to share. Once it opens, choose the options you need from the drop-down menu by clicking the three dots at the top of the strip. The best thing is that you can send the message to others via not just WhatsApp but also Zoom, Skype, email, and even Bluetooth!

6. Automated Messages In Whatsapp Business App

Like other businesses, automation plays a great role in simplifying and streamlining complex tasks. Tools like Bitcoin Era facilitate its users with its remarkable capabilities to execute trading chores. Whatsapp has also embraced automation. The most crucial aspect of WhatsApp automation is automated messaging. Not speed, but adaptability is the most valuable quality of automated communications. All of your consumers will get a one-of-a-kind and customized experience thanks to your ability to generate template messages that draw inputs from databases.

7. Search Old Chats with Keywords

You may use a keyword search to find an old conversation inside a thread if the chat logs have been preserved. To search for a particular contact, open their conversation by tapping the three dots in the upper left corner and selecting “Search.” Then, insert a term from the conversation you’re interested in tracking down and push enter.

8. Get Back Deleted Messages and Restore Chat History

If you have accidentally erased a discussion thread or have switched sims and need to get it back, you may be in luck. Simple as deleting and reinstalling the software in question. You’ll be prompted to restore your conversations and files when you access them. Restoring takes under a minute, give or take, depending on your connection speed. When prompted, choose Next. Keep in mind that this hack only applies to messages that are sent while your new phone is in backup mode. WhatsApp’s nightly backup process begins at 2 a.m.

9. Delete Messages Automatically After 7 Days

Many individuals often delete messages only to make themselves feel more in control of their inboxes, even if they may contain crucial information. This new feature, only available on the Android version of WhatsApp, provides you with some zero-effort simplicity. You may use the “Disappearing Messages” feature by updating your app and going to the contact’s page in WhatsApp. If you choose this option, all conversations you’ve had with that person will be removed once they’ve been read.

10. Mute Unwanted Stories

You may MUTE the persons whose tales you are not interested in seeing if it is bothersome to open a loved one’s narrative and then be slid into a story you are not interested in seeing. Tap and hold the offending contact in Story until the Mute button appears. The automated carousel that takes you to the next contact’s story can’t be turned off, but you can always apply the thumb rule: rest your thumb on the screen, and the carousel will halt.

11. Find Out Who Has Opened Your WhatsApp Group Messages

Those grey check marks in group conversations only become blue when everyone in the group has seen your message. However, WhatsApp conceals a useful method for discovering who has been ignoring you. Information about a sent message may be accessed by holding down on an Android device and selecting Info, or by swiping left on an iOS device. You can track who received it, who opened it, and when. This method also applies to private conversations.

That’s Cool! Isn’t It?

We’ve shared these amazing features of WhatsApp with you that you might have not used before. Now, you can restore your chat history that you might have deleted by mistake. We hope that now you have known such features of WhatsApp that you might have ever dreamt of. Let’s try them and enjoy using Whatsapp.

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