How to Find Someone’s IP Address in 2021

IP or Internet Protocol address is the single identifiable address of a device that is connected to a network. An IP address is the particular address of an internet connection emitted by a router or any device that is capable of transmitting data. Furthermore, it is the IP addresses that are masked by the website names. For every website, you will be able to detect a unique IP address. This is because they are hosted by a certain server that has an IP address because the server is itself connected to the internet, which has an IP address. Therefore, these internet connections give the DNSs their IP addresses, which they use to redirect a user to his/her query.

find someone's ip address

Yes, all our queries or the website/domain names that we type in into our Search Address bar of our browser gets converted in due time by the DNS to IP address, which is again connected with the matching IP addresses to satisfy our query

The IP address is set according to a list of rules that govern the format of data sent via the internet or local network and is extremely important for every device. What’s more important is that every network has its own unique IP address.

An IP address provides the location of the device in a network along with a route with which others can get there. The internet identifies a particular network with the help of these addresses. It, in fact, uses such addresses to transfer IP packets from one source to another destination. Therefore, IP addresses can be considered as building blocks, which helps the internet function.

Finding IP Addresses!

IP addresses can be found. Finding the IP address helps someone who has been looking for a particular network, thereby deriving the exact location of the network and extracting a whole lot of other information from the same. This process has been used by a range of both government and private entities in order to trace a particular network or network.

Though the internet seems to be a vast and busy place, it is the IP addresses that make things go butter-smooth there online. This is to say that it is with the help of the IP addresses that most of us get redirected to the place we originally wanted to be on the internet. Furthermore, you can also track the IP addresses to be informed of the places your data is traveling and thus, prevent it from getting haywire. However, if you have always wished to trace the IP addresses without any worries, then you are in luck because here in this article we will bring the easiest method to track an IP address. This will help you follow your information to any location around the world regardless of where it goes.

As discussed earlier, data can travel to any place online but some of us may need to trace it as we go for various reasons and to ultimately discover where the data is going. If you have a specific IP address to which you are sending your information, then you would be able to find out the location through an online database.

Can you track an IP Address of a person?

If that is your question then the answer is certainly a Yes. You would be able to track the IP address of a device as long as it is on, connected to your devices, and is operating without a proxy server or VPN veiling it.

Now, in case you want to know the IP address of a device that you are presently connected to, then you can simply use the command “netstat -an”, which you can type in the command prompt. As soon as you type the command you would be able to see a list of all the devices that are connected to yours.

Would your IP address be traced by somebody else?

Yes, your IP address might easily be traced in case he/she wishes to do so. As you can trace others’ IP addresses, the IP address for your devices can also be traced in much the same way. It might be considered a privacy breach by many so in that case, they might choose to hide their IP address information, which will secure their IP address. They can easily do it via a virtual private network or VPN that allows us to change our IP address to something else in seconds, which will keep us out of harm’s way.

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