How to Find SBI Account Number by Name

How many Indian bank names can you remember? Well, we are asking you to think and count on your fingers! Some bank names will be on the top of our tongues, right? The State Bank of India, or SBI, is undoubtedly one of the bank names that almost everyone has considered. And why not? The bank proudly wears the tag that it is the largest Indian bank by the branch network. It has received several competitions, but it is fair to say that it is beating them all.

find sbi account number by name

Now, this flag-bearer Indian bank is known to be customer-centric! So, do you believe it will help us if we lose access to our account number by any chance?

What if you really need to search for your account number by name? We know you are curious to know the answers. Read on to discover how to find an SBI account number by name!

How to find SBI account number by name?

Every bank you are aware of will give you a special set of digits that will give you control and possession over your account, and SBI is no exception. You’ll discover that these codes typically consist of a sixteen-digit numeric code.

We guarantee you are aware of this if you have a bank account and own a credit or debit card. Even so, we know that at least once in your life, your parents requested you to read out the account number to them so they could double-check what you were typing. So, of course, we are all fairly aware of account numbers at this point.

Let’s get to the topic of the day: how to locate an SBI number by name.

We are confident that your name will enable you to locate your account number if you are unable to locate it for whatever reason. Therefore, instead of panicking, look into your choices below.

Method 1: The online method

What do you think are the best features that modern banks like SBI offer? We’ll start with the ability to conduct online banking. Nothing could possibly top this since you were spared the hour-long bank lines and could complete your job more conveniently while seated at home.

What if we told you you could find your SBI account number by name online? That sounds like a delight, especially if you really need the information, right? You can complete your task without difficulty!

Let’s look at how you can speed up the process of getting your SBI account number by using the online approach below.

Steps to use the online method to get the account number:

Step 1: Open your browser and enter this link. This link will lead you to the SBI official website page.

Step 2: Do you see the login option on your screen? Please click on it.

Step 3: Tap on the continue to login option to get directed to the next page.

Step 4: Now, you must type in your username and password in the spaces allocated to them.

Step 5: You must go for the image or audio captcha in the next steps.

Step 6: Hit the login button below to enter your SBI account.

You will find your account number and name right after logging in.

Method 2: The offline method

You’re here because the internet approach failed, correct? Don’t worry; sometimes, the tried-and-true pen-and-paper approach works better. Read the sections below in order to determine which of the choices is best for you.

Search your passbook

You must own a passbook if you have an account with any of the banks, including SBI. All of your bank-related information, including purchases and deposits, is documented in this notebook.

Do you currently have your SBI bank passbook with you? We suggest pulling it out because it will come in handy in your current circumstance if you haven’t used it in a while.

Why do we claim that? Well, among other things, it includes your name and account number. This data is usually found under the CIF number.

Go and check your SBI bank’s checkbook

You must all have a small book that you can sign to authorize your various banks to give the beneficiary the specified sum of money. This is what we in the financial industry refer to as a checkbook. Usually, it is employed to generate the required payments.

Why are we talking about our checkbooks now? Well, it includes all the information related to your bank, and of course, your account number is also included.

In the end

It is time to wrap up our discussion. Let’s take a minute to quickly recall the topics we explored today.

We discussed how to find SBI bank account numbers by name. The State Bank of India has its sights on upgrading the customer experience, and it appears that they are also headed in the correct direction.

We discovered that there are online and offline ways to locate your account number if you can’t remember it. We have covered each method thoroughly. So, make sure you check them out and decide which one is the most effective for you.

We trust these methods allow you to access your account number. Please let us know in the comments. You can also forward this blog to any SBI account holders who are still having trouble finding their account numbers.

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