How is Facebook Story Viewer Order Arranged and Why Someone on Top

Facebook Stories is a cool feature where your moments get the spotlight at the top of your feed. For 24 hours, the app is all about your photos and videos and the people viewing it.

facebook story viewer order arranged and why someone on top

We keep track of who has seen our stories every minute, don’t we? But have you ever wondered why certain Facebook friends consistently grab the top spot in your Facebook Story views? You’re not alone! We feel you.

We’re going to share with you the specifics of Facebook story viewer order and why someone is at the top in this blog. So, let’s get ready to dive right into the blog.

How is Facebook story viewer order arranged and why someone on top?

If you thought we’d share the inside scoop on the Facebook algorithm that allows a certain user to sit on the top of your story viewer list, you’re wrong. Just to be clear, the app has never made any explicit mention of algorithms in this context.

But, we can look at certain things to determine what actually plays out when Facebook decides to put some users at the top while others at the bottom.

Story reactions

We know you’ve wondered how people gain that top spot on someone’s Facebook story. Easy! Just show some love and interact with the story.

Well, haven’t you seen how people who actively react to it are the ones Facebook usually prefers to be at the top? If you simply view the story and scroll toward the next one, someone else will take that top spot and beat you to it.

In other words, your ranking in their story viewer list rises the more you react. The app’s algorithm rewards you for being interactive. So, next time you see a story you like, don’t just watch; react if your desire is to be right at the top of someone’s story viewers list.

Story viewing frequency

Let’s discuss another important point that draws Facebook’s interest in this instance. Well, it is your frequency of viewing stories.

Okay, tell us: how frequently do you watch your best friend’s stories? Are you the only one who always checks updates on their story? Can you say that you view their story as soon as they share one?

You should expect to be at the top of their list of story viewers if your response is a resounding yes. Well, the top rank is definitely yours until someone else makes the same claim (and does a better job than you) and takes it.

You see, it’s a simple equation: the more stories you watch, the higher you rank. Naturally, those who don’t often interact with your content end up at the bottom of the list. It is entirely up to you, then, whether you want to be at the top or don’t really care about the rank.

Interactions on Facebook

Do you know what else draws the attention of the Facebook algorithm? It’s your interactions on the platform.

You might be wondering now what kind of interactions someone needs to have in order to be at the top of your story viewers list. Well, it’s not too complicated. All you need to do is actively participate in each other’s posts and hold conversations through direct messages.

On the other hand, you may have noticed that those who use the app the least are usually ranked lowest. Engage with the friend whose story viewer list you want to top this time around since Facebook basically customizes this list based on the degree of interaction.

Recently added friends

It’s possible to occasionally feel that the users you engage with the most or who react to your stories on a daily basis—never missing a day—are strangely not at the top. The idea that someone you’ve never spoken to—who you just added as a friend—has risen to the top position is even more unexpected.

Now, why is that the case? Perhaps they are reacting to your stories actively, and Facebook allows them to maintain that ranking. So, Facebook folks, it’s your cue to start reacting to stories of your newly made Facebook friends.

Popular verified accounts

Have you noticed the blue checkmarks indicating authenticity next to Facebook users’ names? Yes, well-known and reputable users on the app usually own these checkmarks.

They must have often appeared in your feeds, as you have probably seen. They might be famous people, artists, or even a big brand page.

So, here’s the thing: if a verified user with a large following were to stumble into your story and watch it, they would immediately rise to the top of the list. They are ranked first by the Facebook algorithm because they have a large following and interests that are generally shared by the majority of people.

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