Does Facebook Notify When You Save a Photo

We see a lot of content online, most of which are regular, threadbare photos and memes that fail to catch our attention for over a few seconds. It is but occasionally that we see something that makes us stop scrolling for more than a while. And that’s one thing that keeps us coming back to social media- those once-in-a-while photos and posts we like seeing. Sometimes, though, seeing them once isn’t enough.

facebook notify when you save a photo

More often than not, we want to keep such photos with ourselves. We want to save them on our phones so that we can keep them or share them with more people later.

But there is one thing that can make you hesitant about saving someone else’s photo or post. Will the uploader get to know that you saved a photo they uploaded? If yes, it might feel a bit awkward. After all, there is something called privacy. We can’t tell you about other platforms, but this blog is for you if you want to save a photo from Facebook. Wondering whether Facebook notifies a user when you save a photo they uploaded? Keep reading to know the answer to this question and other topics related to Facebook posts and photos.

Does Facebook Notify When You Save a Photo

We know how it goes. You are scrolling through your Newsfeed randomly without any purpose, thinking about other things, when suddenly, out of nowhere, this image pops up and catches your attention. It might be a beautiful picture, a funny meme, or a helpful piece of information. You realize you should keep this photo saved in your phone before realizing a friend or acquaintance of yours has uploaded it.

Now, there can be two scenarios.

You go on and download the photo without caring about what the uploader will think.

Or, you stop abruptly and begin wondering if they will know about your download. In other words, you don’t want the other person to know that you have saved the photo.

Since you are here reading this, you clearly come from the second scenario. So, let’s answer your question finally. The answer is plain and simple. You don’t need to worry a bit. The uploader of a photo doesn’t get notified when you save their photo to your phone.  Facebook is not as strict as some other platforms (like Snapchat) when it comes to saving other users’ photos and posts. It allows you to save a photo if you can see it. You can go by this thumb rule- if you can see a photo uploaded as a post by someone on Facebook, you can save it to your phone without the uploader getting notified.

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