Does Snapchat Tell if You Send Their Story to Someone and They Screenshot it?

We all love the stories feature, right? From Instagram to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, and even YouTube, you can always find people using it. It’s a great way to show off how great your everyday life is without being obvious about it. As a concept, we still think it’s rather slept on. The possibilities are endless, and Instagram is the first platform that made us realize just how much we can do on it. From mentioning to creating highlights, it expanded the feature’s potential.

does snapchat tell if you send their story to someone and they screenshot it

But what most people don’t know is this feature was introduced on Snapchat first and foremost and has since been copied everywhere. This alone proves how great this feature is; social media companies ripped it off back when Snapchat was new in the market.

Although all social media platforms modified it according to their values and users, Snapchat’s version is still the best. Not all people agree with this, but those who love privacy and know what they signed up for agree it is quite well-thought.

On Snapchat, you can see who has seen your stories and in which order (unlike Instagram), but not the timing (unlike WhatsApp). You can also tell when someone takes a screenshot (unlike any other platform). So, it’s a perfect blend of privacy and security.

People have tried many methods to take a screenshot of a story without being found out, but so far, that hasn’t been possible. From screen recording to going offline, nothing has worked. Don’t we all love a technically bulletproof platform?

Today, we’ll discuss a popular query: does Snapchat tell a user when you send their story to someone else, and they screenshot it?

Does Snapchat Tell if You Send Their Story to Someone and They Screenshot it?

So, let’s answer your question first and foremost: will Snapchat tell a user if you share their story with someone and they screenshot it? Why yes, it certainly will. The user won’t be notified that you shared their story, but they will know that your friend screenshotted it.

Let’s say an influencer on Snapchat made a great dessert with her bestie, and you want to share it with your friend. If your friend decides to take a screenshot of it, then the influencer will know.

Now, to be clear, the user will not be notified. A notification would mean that the platform is actively trying to get their attention on it, which is not the case here. However, if this user opens that particular story and scrolls through the views, they will see that it has been screenshotted by your friend.

Let’s consider another scenario: you desperately want to take a screenshot of something an acquaintance of yours has added to their story. But of course, you don’t want them to know. Ideally, you would send it to your friends, but this acquaintance is well-versed in your social circle.

In such a situation, you’d think that creating another account and sending this story there might help. That way, you can take a screenshot under a fake account, and they’ll never know.

But alas, that’s also conditional. If this acquaintance has a public account, then this will work. Unfortunately, if this is a private story, you can forget about this.

Even if your fake account managed to go into their friend list, no one would add a suspicious-looking account to their private story. And as you might know very well, you cannot share a private story on Snapchat.

So, what can you do in such a situation? How do you show your friend someone’s story without that person finding out?

Well, the answer might be a bit lengthy, but it does have a 100% guarantee of working. All you need is an extra smartphone. On that phone, you can take a picture or a video of the story the acquaintance has posted. Now, share that photo/video on your phone and then with your friend! Isn’t that such a simple but smart way of achieving what you want?

Lastly, we’d like to add that we don’t recommend doing this if the acquaintance, in your case, has shared something personal. Even if you feel like they aren’t a good person or whatever excuse you can think of, no one deserves that kind of betrayal.

Moreover, you don’t deserve to do this to your future self because you will be consumed by guilt. Not immediately, but one day you’ll surely regret doing this if it has any adverse consequences for the acquaintance in question.


Snapchat is big on privacy and takes every measure possible to keep its users secure. If you send a Snapchat story to someone and they take a screenshot of it, the owner will still find out about it if they check.

However, as you might’ve heard, where there is a will, there is a way. So yes, there is a way for you to share that story without being caught. All you need is an extra smartphone and some creativity.

But just because something is possible doesn’t mean we should do it, right? Instead of figuring out ways to do something that shouldn’t be done in the first place, why don’t we all focus on ourselves? Then, our future selves would be proud of us instead of regretting the easily avoidable mistakes.

If today’s blog has helped you, we’d love to learn all about it in the comments section.

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