Do You Get Notified If Someone Sees Your Story on Instagram?

Instagram stories have a 24-hour lifespan, which can be pretty liberating when publishing. Let’s say you accidentally shared your main Instagram story with that “Beautiful Take” you intended for close friends. Fortunately, Instagram allows the user to see who has viewed their story. But does it becomes a concern-free situation if you get notified if someone sees your story on Instagram?

do you get notified if someone sees your story on instagram

This feature comes in handy whether you posted a story that you regret and are trying to undo the damage, or you posted a fantastic story and are beginning to wonder if a specific individual has looked at it yet.

Perhaps you desire you had stored that candid set of pictures from your great walk for your upcoming photo- and video dump.

However, it’s still a pretty big window of opportunity for unauthorized viewers to see your story, especially if you have a media profile(public) or a lot of followers.

The question remains:

Does Instagram really offer this feature of being notified when someone sees your story? Let’s Find Out!

So, Unfortunately, the answer is a big NO!

The person whose story is viewed will not be notified that you viewed it, regardless of whether it is a celebrity account, despite Instagram’s rules prohibiting the use of third-party apps for notification when someone views a story if someone’s phone tells them that someone (sometimes they give the username, but we’re unsure), then yes.

How To Check If Instagram Stories Have Been Viewed

The Instagram Help Center states that you can see who has viewed your Instagram story by simply swiping up after visiting your story, which you can do by clicking your icon located in the top left corner of your feed.

Instagram will display the number of people who have seen your creation next to an eye gaze image. You are the only person who can see who has viewed your story, as stated in the Help Center.

Instagram recently updated so that you can now get personal likes on your stories, which are visible only to you and your audience’s list.

If a heart icon appears next to their name in the viewing audience sheet, you’ll know which of your story’s readers found it enjoyable.

Can You View Someone Else’s Instagram Story Without Them Knowing?

Naturally, others can see that you have viewed their Instagram story if you can see who views yours. You may wish to see somebody else’s story behind their back for various reasons.

Users cannot hide from view while watching stories on Instagram. You can avoid revealing your identity by using troubleshooting techniques like viewing in airplane mode.

How To Check Whether Your Close Friends Have Viewed Your Instagram Story?

You can now select to share Instagram stories exclusively with your Close Friends as of November 2018.

Choose “Close Friends” from the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your profile to begin creating the list.

From that point forward, a green star will appear next to your Close Friend’s profile pictures. A green ring rather than the customary purple and orange one will appear around your profile photo when you post a story to only your Close Friends.

If you post to the Close Friends section, your Instagram stories can only be seen by people you think of as close friends.

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