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With the demand for programming languages growing rapidly, source code plagiarism is getting more common than ever before. No one likes to do business with a company that sells plagiarized source codes or uses copied codes to develop software. With that being said, it is crucial for companies to run all these source codes in an accurate and secure source code plagiarism checker tool.

code plagiarism checker

It is not difficult to detect plagiarism in the usual papers and basic content. But, the job gets pretty challenging when it comes to detecting plagiarism of source code.

Due to the lack of effective sources and poor algorithms, it is nearly impossible for ordinary plagiarism detecting tools to catch copied codes.

In addition, designing a source code plagiarism checker is a complicated task. The complex user interface makes it an inefficient tool.

But, no need to worry now! In order to help detect plagiarism in the source codes, we have come up with the Code Plagiarism Checker by iStaunch.

Let’s see how this tool can help you detect plagiarism in the source codes with ease.

Code Plagiarism Checker

Code Plagiarism Checker by iStaunch is a free web-based tool that lets you check plagiarism in the source code of different programming languages such as JAVA, Python, Android, iOS, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.

You simply need to copy and paste the source code and tap on the submit button to check your coding for plagiarism.

The tool has the potential to study the code and check for its duplicates on the web. It checks millions of source codes on the internet to detect a match.

It automatically highlights the part of the code that has been taken from the published sources. Not only does it enable people to find plagiarism in the source code, but it helps teachers compare the source codes of students.

This helps them figure out if the student has copied content from their peers. If it finds any content on the web matching the pasted codes, then the copied codes will be highlighted. This will give you a clear picture of the content.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the features the Source Code Plagiarism Checker tool has to offer.

Features of Code Plagiarism Checker by iStaunch

1. Best and Most Accurate Results

Now, companies no longer need to worry about unprofessional and fake code developers. This tool will run a thorough check on the submitted source code and detect even a small percentage of plagiarism (if any).

As far as the accuracy is concerned, you can rest assured the tool will detect all kinds of issues. It helps the companies ensure that the submitted content is free from plagiarism errors.

2. Wider Reach

You could use the advanced peer-to-peer check feature to compare two or multiple copies simultaneously. If the test is negative, the submitted codes will be checked across the web.

The tool has an extensive reach, meaning it could compare the submitted codes with billions of source codes available on the internet. It can check the codes internally as well as externally and gives you a 100% accurate output.

3. Strong Algorithms

The algorithm of our tool checks beyond the coding pattern and unique coding style. The algorithm keeps improving over time. Overall, it does a wonderful job by checking the codes to their fullest. The tool is capable of catching even the slightest error or copied sign in the code.

How to Use Source Code Plagiarism Checker by iStaunch?

Usually, source code plagiarism detecting tools are avoided due to their complex user interface and complicated navigation. But, the iStaunch overcomes this issue by allowing easy navigation around the platform.

Here are the steps to check plagiarism:

  • All you got to do is set the programming language the code is written in, for example, Java, Swift, C++, etc. Once done, select the code file you’d like to run the tests on.
  • Drag and drop the file and start your search. There are quite a few options for plagiarism checking. This includes web check, peer, and database tests.
  • Hit the search button to run the tests and you will get real-time updates while the test continues in the background.
  • As soon as the test is completed, the results will be displayed on the screen. That’s it! Usually, the test takes 1-2 minutes. But, it might take longer if you run a comprehensive test.

The results will be displayed in graphs, histograms, and match tables. There’s nothing to worry about as everything looks super clear.

Why Use Java Code Plagiarism Checker Online Free?

Unlike other tools, our Source Code Plagiarism Checker will give clear results. If there is plagiarism in the submitted content, then the sources the content is copied from will be highlighted. The tool displays other important insights that help people figure out the percentage of plagiarism in the source code.

Final Words

So, why wait? Get your hands on the Source Code Plagiarism Checker Tool by iStaunch and run a plagiarism test on all the source codes. Check your submitted content internally and externally.

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