How to Check When Steam Account Was Created

Steam is the ultimate online gaming space for gamers around the globe. It has long been the preferred gaming platform, and it is easy to understand why. With intriguing community features and the ease of having all the games in one location, this gaming paradise has radically revolutionized how we play games. The large collection of games and the ability to connect with friends and other players naturally keep us returning for more. Therefore, you may sign up for Steam to access the games you will certainly love, whether you’re a die-hard gamer or a casual player.

check when steam account was created

Every Steam account has a different gaming story hidden behind it, one that certainly began with a single button press. Players worldwide are interested in looking back at the account creation date.

Do you want to know how old your favorite Steam account is? Do not be anxious, dear player; we are here to answer your worries.

This blog includes clear and efficient ways to find the date your Steam account was created. So, get ready to go back to the beginning of your gaming journey with us in the blog.

How to Check When Steam Account Was Created?

Let’s cut to the chase:

We know your desire to discover when your Steam account was created. Perhaps you want to reflect on when you first began playing video games because you are feeling nostalgic or naturally curious.

Whatever the reason, we’ll show you a couple of methods for determining when your Steam account was initially created. Thus, the following sections will help you, so make sure you refer to them one by one.

Method 1: Use your Steam account

What better way to find the date your Steam account was created than to use the account itself? Just so you know, you can quickly discover the birthdate of your gaming account with a few clicks.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for a trip down memory lane as we lead you through the process of checking the date your account was created below.

Steps to check the account creation date on your Steam account:

Step 1: To begin, you must sign in to your Steam account.

Step 2: There must be the Badges option at the top panel. You must click on it.

Step 3: Upon doing so, you will be directed to the badges page of your account. Please navigate to the Years of Service category on this page.

You will see a date and time under this year of service category. It will read: Unlocked (dd/mm/yyyy) (@time).

This is your Steam account creation date.

Method 2: The oldest game you own on Steam

They say that the games we play shape who we are as players. However, did you know they can almost tell when your Steam account was created?

We have a smart little trick that will assist you in estimating the date if you are still unsure of it or want to cross-check it. So, pull your thinking cap on, dust out those vintage games off the shelves, and head over to the library area. We are about to go on a journey across time.

You must now arrange your games in the library in the order that they were added. The only thing left is to look for the first-ever game that has been added to your Stream library.

The oldest game on your account is likely to be the first one you purchased. Check the date when you added the game to the library to see when your account was created.

Method 3: The Third-party tools can help

If the first two methods didn’t work nearly as well for you as you had hoped, we have another trick up our sleeves. We believe the third-party tools can be of great help to check the date your Steam account was initially created.

The methods are quick and easy if you are fortunate enough to find the right tool. Nevertheless, it is easy to fall for fake accounts that make a claim to be able to assist you in checking the date your Steam account was created.

Not all tools are reliable, as you might know already, and some may undoubtedly cause more harm than good. So, avoid putting your account’s security at risk, and educate yourself on the dangers of using such third-party tools. Always bear in mind that the best course of action is to rely on other strategies if you don’t find a reliable tool.

Closing thoughts

Our discussion on how to check the Steam account creation date has come to an end. We delved into three methods for finding your account creation date.

We hope that using a Steam account, the oldest game from the library, or a third-party tool helped you unlock your Steam account creation date. Knowing when everything started allows you to look back on your gaming adventure!

Please know that we are interested in hearing from you and respect your feedback. So, feel free to share your thoughts or ask a question regarding our discussion in the comments area below. We’ll always be here for you, ready to lend a hand and do our best to address any questions you might have.

You can also forward the blog to people who need these answers. Follow us for more tech-related topics. Happy gaming!

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