How to Change Your Name on Instagram Without Facebook

What’s in a name?

These lines are written by Shakespeare in what is widely regarded as his greatest play – Romeo & Juliet. By writing these lines, the playwright is trying to emphasize that a person’s name might seem to lay a fundamental stone for their identity, but that doesn’t mean that they’d have a different character or personality if they were called something else.

change your name on instagram without facebook

How many of you agree with this idea? Well, regardless of whether or not you agree with it in life, let’s narrow our question down for the sake of the upcoming discussion. How much does your name matter on social media?

For those of you who use these platforms solely for the sake of entertainment, it might not matter all that much. But if you’re here to build a social presence, promote your small business, or even land clients for influencer marketing, your name matters a great deal.

How would you get rid of that name without impacting your Facebook account at all? Stay with us till the end to find out!

Why can’t you change your Instagram name without impacting Facebook?

Before we delve deeper into the process of changing your Instagram name without Facebook, let’s take a minute to consider why such a thing happens in the first place.

Why would changing your Instagram name impact your Facebook account at all? Well, normally, it wouldn’t. However, if you’re familiar with Meta, you’d know that the whole concept behind its launch was to unite the world of social media (now called the metaverse).

One concept within Meta was also of unifying users’ Facebook and Instagram accounts (both of which are technically products of Meta) to provide them with a more wholesome and inclusive experience.

It is because of this reason that most netizens with both Instagram and Facebook account these days keep them synced. Syncing has its own benefits as well; once your accounts are synced, you can share your posts, stories, and reels seamlessly on both platforms without taking extra steps.

It does add convenience to the users’ lives, and in turn, has shortcomings of its own, too.

How to Change Your Name on Instagram Without Facebook?

Now that we’ve learned all about why you must pay attention to your Facebook account while planning to change your Instagram name (if you’ve already synced your accounts, that is), it’s time to move forward.

To help you change your name on Instagram without Facebook, we’re going to ask you to add an extra step in your process. This step involves unlinking – or un-syncing – your Instagram and Facebook accounts first. Once that’s done, you can change your name safely without affecting Facebook. But if you don’t want to unlink your accounts just for a one-time need?

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