How to Change Someone’s Profile Picture on Whatsapp (2 Methods)

Whatsapp doesn’t need an introduction. The app is quite popular among social media fans that need to stay in touch with their friends, relatives, and others. It is your one-stop platform to share your ideas, goals, and other objectives with your loved ones. Ever since Whatsapp launched, the developers kept updating the app to make it as user-friendly and secure as possible.

change someone's whatsapp profile picture

Whatsapp offers a wide range of privacy and security features that make your navigation and overall experience on the app quite exciting. Not only can you do tons of things on Whatsapp, but the app can be used for fun activities as well.

If you have been using Whatsapp for a while, you know how many interesting options the app has for you. From connecting with your relatives to sharing your photos and videos on Whatsapp status, there are tons of things you can do to make Whatsapp interesting.

Now, the question arises “how can you change someone else’s profile picture on Whatsapp”?

It may sound a bit. After all, why would somebody want to change somebody’s profile photo? Strangely, people love to do that.

Why Do You Want to Change Someone’s DP on Whatsapp?

Has someone ever uploaded a profile photo with you on their Whatsapp DP? The problem isn’t about uploading pictures with you, but people have a habit of uploading random photos. You might be looking weird in the picture. There is no point in asking them to get the picture removed from the DP, as they will never do that. So, your only bet is to remove the DP from their Whatsapp. But, how can you do that?

Can You Change Someone Else’s Profile Picture on Whatsapp?

Unfortunately, you can’t change someone’s profile picture on Whatsapp. There is no direct or built-in tool that could allow users to change someone’s profile picture on Whatsapp. One thing you can do is change your DP by putting your profile picture with your friend. That way, everyone can see it.

However, there are some ways that might help you to do that. Let’s see a few tips you can try to change someone’s profile picture on Whatsapp.

How to Change Someone’s Profile Picture on Whatsapp

Method 1: Do it Secretly On the Target’s Phone

It is possible to change the profile picture of the target user on their mobile secretly. All you need to do is take their mobile secretly, find the photo you’d like to put on their DP, upload it, and there you go! The user will not notice that someone has changed their profile picture until you say it yourself or somebody from their Whatsapp informs them about the changed profile picture.

So, that’s one of the easiest ways to change the target’s profile picture. The only problem is that you need to be near the user to get access to their phone. Besides that, if the target has used a password, it would be super challenging to unlock their device. Even if you manage to unlock their phone, the process of updating the profile picture is not a cakewalk. This is only possible if you are friends with the person who has uploaded pictures with you.

Method 2: Ask them to Change their Profile Picture

The best you can do is ask your friend to change their profile picture. Give a good reason why they should no longer keep the current photo on their Whatsapp DP. This is a challenging trick, as the person may or may not consider your request. If you are suggesting it to someone who’s close to you, there is a good chance they might change their profile picture.

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