Can I Recover Instagram Messages from Someone I Have Been Blocked?

Instagram has emerged as a powerhouse platform connecting millions through captivating visuals and engaging content. While the platform’s primary focus revolves around sharing photos and videos, another significant feature is its direct messaging system, Instagram Direct Messages (DMs). Instagram DMs offer a private channel for one-on-one or group conversations, allowing users to send text and voice messages, media, and even engage in video calls. The DMs’ versatility makes them invaluable for fostering personal or professional connections.

can i recover instagram messages from someone i have been blocked

A notable aspect of Instagram DMs is their accessibility. DMs can be accessed directly within the app on mobile devices and desktop computers, providing the convenience of managing their conversations from a single platform. This allows for seamless communication, regardless of the device in use.

Instagram DMs also offer a range of privacy and security options. Users can control their message requests, allowing them to accept or decline messages from people who aren’t following them. This feature helps maintain a sense of privacy and control over who can directly contact them.

Furthermore, Instagram offers options to block or report users who engage in inappropriate or abusive behavior, ensuring a safer environment for all users.

Another nuance of Instagram DMs lies in the visual elements that can be shared. Users can send text messages and a wide array of multimedia content. From sharing travel photos to funny memes, DMs let users express themselves creatively and share moments in an intimate setting.

Lastly, Instagram DMs enhance the overall messaging experience. Users can like and react to messages, allowing for quick acknowledgments or expressions of appreciation. They can also send disappearing photos and videos which vanish after being viewed.

So, there’s no shortage of convenience or possibilities once you enter the endless world of Instagram, particularly the DMs. However, today, we’ll discuss if you can recover DMs in two different circumstances: after blocking someone and after being blocked.

Can I Recover Instagram Messages from Someone I Have Been Blocked?

First things first, let’s see what the answer to your initial question is. It seems to implicate two questions: can you recover Instagram messages from someone you blocked? Or, can you recover Instagram messages from someone who’s blocked you? Don’t worry; we understand the confusion and will answer both questions today.

Well, the answer to these questions is the same, so don’t worry; you won’t have to think too much. Whether you block someone or they block you, the previous messages don’t disappear from your DMs.

You cannot send them any messages if you are the blocked person. The same goes for the blocker; you must unblock them to DM them again. However, your past messages will remain unless one of the two users unsend all their messages.

So, as long as the other person didn’t actively unsend their messages, you’ll find all your past messages intact without having to recover anything. Isn’t that so convenient?

How does blocking work on Instagram?

When you block someone on Instagram, the platform restricts their access to your profile and interactions. Let’s discuss some of the most obvious consequences included in that.

Once you block someone, they can’t view your profile, posts, stories, or other content. From their perspective, it’s as if your account doesn’t exist or has been deactivated.

Blocking also extends to DMs; the blocked user can’t send you messages, voice notes, media, or direct communication through the app. However, as we’ve mentioned, they can still access past messages unless you unsend all your messages.

They’ll be removed from your follower’s list, and you’ll also be removed from the accounts they follow. This disconnection ensures a complete separation between the two accounts.

Blocking prevents the blocked user from liking or commenting on your posts, nor can they tag or mention you in their posts or comments. Their ability to engage with your content is completely revoked.

The blocked user can’t find your account through Instagram’s search feature. They won’t be able to locate your profile by searching for your username or any associated information. Last, when you block someone, they can’t view your Instagram Stories.


Instagram is among the largest social media platform in the world, and it didn’t get there by not thinking through the seemingly small nuances. One of the most used and, arguably, the most efficient features of Instagram is blocking. So, it’s natural to question its seemingly vast sea of consequences.

Can you recover Instagram messages when someone blocks you or vice versa? Well, the answer is, you don’t need to. The messages will be there unless the other user unsends their messages. Still, you’ll be able to access the thread nonetheless.

But this is not the only consequence of using the blocked feature on Instagram. Before using the feature, it’s important that you fully understand what’ll happen after.

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